August 6

Faery Oil – Secret to Bug Communication?


Magic Faery Fairie Oil
This is why the bugs listen!

I’ve gotten funny like that lately–finding less interest in wearing jewelry that’s not from gemstones, or scents that aren’t magically significant in some way. Not that plain old stuff doesn’t have it’s own energy already. I’m sure it does.

But it’s kind of like, why not get some extra mileage out of whatever you’d be wearing anyway? You know? I am always looking for little ways to add a little more magic into my life.

So I’ve been wearing this Faery Oil  as perfume. It’s an interesting mix–sweet and mostly floral, but it does have a hint of wild, untamed buzz about it at the same time. The flowers inside as “focal points” are beautiful!

And I was thinking. Maybe wearing this is why the bugs listen to me better than they used to. I mean, would not the faeries be likely to put in a good word for me with the bugs, to stay out of my zone? :snail:

How do you add extra magic into your life?

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  1. Very cool! I do the same thing – hardly ever wear “normal” perfume. I’m always wearing essential oil blends. They’re so much more natural and have more true energy.

    And hmm… I wonder if the Faery oil IS helping with the bugs? Makes sense. LOL

      1. Thanks, Dixie!! We’ve not only had a huge outbreak of vicious tiny ones that go after your eyes, but also a more rare type called Gallinippers – mosquitos the size of a quarter!!! Their eggs lie dormant for years until conditions are perfect. (Lots of rain, which we got.)
        Never seen anything like them before.

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