July 15

Crazy Talking the Bugs


They listen more often than kids!

I couldn’t help but think of Josi. I’ve been talking to the bugs–or their people, whomever is listening.

“Hey! No ants on my chair. Or in my house. And no bees. Go away, wasp! I keep these flowers out here, and you’re welcome to enjoy them if you don’t hurt anything. But stay out of my space. When I’m out here, it’s off limits!”

No. I don’t know why the neighbors call me the Crazy Cat Lady. But I don’t really care. Because the bugs have been minding me. Those ants know, I’m serious. I intimated there could be bloodshed for transgressions. They backed off.

What crazy talkin’ do you do?

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Crazy Cat Lady

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  1. LOL! Awesome! I totally get this… and yes, I do it too!

    I have an agreement with the house spiders in my apartment. They hang out in their webs in the corners and leave me alone, and I will allow them to chill. Any transgressions, and all bets are off.

    It seems to be working very well! No more kamikaze spiders dropping down on a thread in front of my face to say “HI!” anymore. And that is good!

  2. Aw hell, Dixie –

    No, it’s not just you and Regina. I talk to DOORS for God’s sake. (No! Don’t shut yet!) LOLOL!!
    Same rules with bugs here. Especially those creepy mutant brown crickets. BLECH!
    I’m still here, lurking a bit. Tired of reading what I’m posting, if that makes any sense.
    Will give it a shot anyway.

  3. I talk to the squirrels in my neighborhood. They are good neighbors. I can’t tell if they think I’m good-weird or bad-weird but they keep talking to me and coming out when I’m around so I’m leaning toward good-weird.

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