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Beltane Reflections–Year of Everyday Tarot


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I’m a Beltane Virgin. This year, I decided to observe Beltane for the first time. For me, this means some flowers, some candles, some incense, some anointing with magical oils, some praying, and some reflection. And a generous dinner, my own version of “cakes and wine.”

Outside, I see my Sacred Garden plantings from a few days ago have just started sprouting up. I’m not sure if it’s the Morning Glories or Nightflower, or maybe it’s the Passion Flower, although probably not yet. Passion takes a little more time, methinks. The hearty rains this morning had de-petaled several of my miniature roses, which in turn became an offering both for the Tarot Corner makeshift alter and the potted plants on my patio.

In my Tarot Corner,  two prayer candles have been burning all day: one with the Virgin Mary (I think) standing for the Moon Goddess, the Green one standing in for the Sun God. Not Sun red, but green for fertility and growth. I’ve anointed them with magical oils and added some gemstone chips.

I chose a Citrine crystal to use as centerpiece, since it’s golden like the sun and besides—it may not be a Maypole, but it’s still pretty phallic, don’t you think? I pulled a card from my Tiny Tarot for the occasion, asking for Beltane Blessings and got the Magician. Pretty damn apt for a Witch holiday, don’t you think?

Maybe another time, I’ll celebrate witch holidays with others. I’m just too green myself, way too much of a neophyte. I don’t know all the “proper” things to be doing, what’s expected or traditional. But for right now, right here, this felt right. And creating a humble observance with the right intention, of of honoring spirit and the impending season of growth, felt appropriate for where I am. I’m at peace.

In the back, you can see the Fool still out for my Living the Archetypes exercise, looking on as I feel my way through through this leg of my own journey. He reminds me, it’s been a year today, since I wrote my first Everyday Tarot column, on being good enough. There have been so many junctures since starting here that I’ve wondered, “Am I good enough? Can I serve well enough?”

My answer has to be the same, always: I do the best I know how. By definition, that has to be enough. I ask for wisdom and strength, I seek understanding and growth, and to keep going, I keep faith I’ll get what I need to best serve.

Today, I celebrate all I’ve learned in the past year, as foundation for hope for how I may serve in the coming year. That’s the harvest I look forward to reaping.

How was your day/Beltane?

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  1. love these posts – but how do you keep your cats away from the candles? that’s my biggest candle problem these days.. ah.. i just realized. I need an new altar space… NOT my desk lol which is what it is now…. someplace where cats can’t jump but you know cats if there is an inch of room they will try!

    1. For some reason, this has not been an issue. My cats DEFINITELY know how to get in the way, but they have never bothered my candles and have very seldom jumped up on my Tarot corner desk. I have no idea why…

  2. Congratulations on your first year, Dixie. You have done a spectacular job. I am inspired by your ability to post every single day and always bring out something of importance and beauty.

    Your celebration of Beltane was obviously heartfelt. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Dixie, you have been of great service, so let me just answer your query “am i good enough? can i serve well enough?” with this:
    “yes, you can!”, “yes, you do”- you’re one of those rare people that exceeds expectations, and i look to your wisdom daily.
    i think of it as my “dose of Dixie” and, along with Elsa’s blog and forum, have found your “corner” full of invaluable insight and beauty.
    keep on keepin’ on Dixie. congrats, and genuine heartfelt thanks

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