April 12

Aspirin & Spell



I take workshops at my local witch store. Something said in a healing class really struck me.

“Take the aspirin and do the spell.” -The Teacher [Quoting her Teacher]

Action is one way to make things happen. We must actually apply for positions, make the appointments, do the legwork to reach desired goals.  This is taking the aspirin.

A fairy princess probably won’t show up at our door with dreams, gift-wrapped and sprinkled in glittering gold dust. Especially if desires are extraordinary, lack of follow-through will leave wannabes as wannabes. Action is required!

But without belief, without faith (in ourselves or the divine or both), without some forces at work to orchestrate the occasional minor miracle on our behalf, dreams go flat and lifeless. There’s no momentum, no spirit without focused will and belief.

What do you working magic is comprised of, anyway?

The magic–be it executed in the form of prayers, spells, affirmations, visualizing success or what have you–is a method of directing will, shifting energy. But it’s not a promise. It’s a way to shift circumstances in your favor, tapping the flow of natural energies. If you want to go all Quantum physics, working magic is collapsing potentialities towards a desired outcome. It’s a sort of observation that changes reality. But it doesn’t replace reality. More like a reality-enhancer.

You could do but one or the other, to demonstrate the superior efficacy of your choice. But that strikes me as counterproductive. Why not stack the odds in your favor by taking the aspirin AND doing the spell?

Do you rely on both Aspirin and spell?

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  1. Firstly: one of those viruses tried to install itself on my computer, when I clicked here from my email, I thought you should know. (the one that masquerades as something that protects your computer.)

    I’m reading Martha Beck’s latest book, and although it’s too woo-woo for some, who think she’s now off her rocker, it’s about this sort of thing. She just wrote of how she tried dealing in “Oneness” at a public event, when something strange and wonderful happened with the crowd around her.

    1. Angela – On the virus: I appreciate you mentioning this as I take security very seriously. I have checked the email that went out and find nothing unusual with the links. I do have above-the-norm security protocols already for both the email list and the site; I scanned the site this morning against about 25 different malware/virus identification tools and found nothing amiss. So I’m thinking it’s likely not on my end. I would suggest you run some virus scans on your computer, whatever you have installed, perhaps in conjunction with some online scanners.

      Thanks for your comment too about Martha Beck’s book. I’m not familiar with her work, but it’s hard to get too “woo-woo” for me.

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