October 1

5 of Swords: Adjusting Assumptions


Do you feel like a winner? Or is the jury still out? Because this week, it’s all about who seems to have gotten what they wanted (or deserved) and who did not. And we’re looking over at the next guy and comparing where we are, relatively speaking.

In other words, it’s a little itchy. Let’s look at how to deal with that, no blood drawn if possible. Because blood and drama is messy.

Next Week in the Cards

We’ve got ANOTHER Five of Swords here (Comparision) as outlook, with advice being the Two of Cups (Friendliness). Both these cards appeared inverted. Deck is Osho Zen.

I think the sense of competition here come from looking at where you are versus looking at where someone else is. There’s a feeling of who deserves what, or more pointedly, perhaps not getting what YOU deserve.

With (inverted) Two of Cups, we’re not finding immediate relief, but we can certainly get closer. The trick is to line up with anything that offers a little relief.

Assuming the best (or better, anyway) instead of the worst? Relief. Expecting that you cannot know the whole story (and it’s not your job anyway)? Relief. Being as generous of spirit as you can muster? Relief.  Looking for what you’ve got in common instead of where you diverge? Relief.

It’s not all about the outside world right now. I mean, that world is still there. I get it. But much of this is about how you think–and therefore, feel. It’s an internal world thing. So plant a few flowers in your brain if possible. It will help!

Stay safe and sane out there, friends!

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