December 7

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“Spiritual Protection: For Sissies?” coming up Saturday, Dec. 7th at 4pm Eastern, 3pm Central.

You can watch it right here. In the meantime, though, here’s the promo…

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  1. Hey I a here. And yes, I have 2 Belle gmail accounts :0 So you know I subscribe to youtube with my Other one and that I am a RTweeter on
    that place. XO

    Now if only the family leaves me be. Dog is crated. Let us begin. On your schedule…

    1. Great Show Ladies! The two of you have great chemistry and work well off from each other. Found your insights to be interesting! Look forward to seeing more!

  2. Wonderful discussion. A couple of questions.
    Do either of you use black diamonds ?
    Are stones that are mined carrying any negative energy from how they were obtained ?

    And finally, I am on a pain management program (Not Opiates), I almost never read for anyone any more… because of Chronic Illness.
    Is this a reason to not consult tarot or astology. I can drive, so I figure I can interpret, for myself anyway. Though I do also use online
    apps, etc.

    Great program, highly recommend.

    1. Hi Belle,
      It’s not that I would recommend that you do not consult Tarot or Astrology with your medications. However, I would recommend some of the methods of protection that we talked about. What I meant, mainly, is that if you find yourself impaired then your defenses are down and that makes you more susceptible making the protective methods that more important.

    2. In regard to black diamonds, no, I’ve never used them. However, I would imagine if the stones were acquired through violent methods they could carry negative energy. Always clean and charge your stones prior to use and regularly after use.

    3. Belle, I agree with Josi . (Surprising, huh? Har!) I don’t have any black diamonds, but whatever the stone, it’s always a good idea to clean it and re-purpose it for your own use. I don’t worry about it much though, because have a lot of faith I’ll be led to the right stones and if it carries energy that is not helpful for me, I won’t be comfortable with the stone. I rely heavily on my feelings about a stone to decide which are good choices.

      A side note on medications: some will impact ability to read and some don’t; from what I can tell, it tends to be individual and also depend on current physical state, so people have to experiment.

      The main warning about protection and psychic work is that you’re basically “opening up” your energy to make the connection. I think of it kind of like Star Trek, dropping the shields in order to transport somebody onto the ship. If your space is energetically clean and protected, if you work with your people on the other side, etc., then you’ve set up a structure to have a clean contact.

  3. Thank you everyone for your kind words and support! I am so grateful for the responses we got, lots of positive and encouraging feedback. I’m looking forward to the next one!

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