June 12

Recognizing Spiritual Signs?


sign from god
Is this a sign?

I’ve mentioned my “three times and it’s official” policy before–how many times I have to notice something before I declare it on my radar. But really, anything I take notice of counts.

Maybe I am writing about something, and get an email on the same topic. Maybe I see the same word, phrase or idea repeated within a few minutes. Maybe it’s a theme, or an image that pops up that brings something to my attention.

Getting signaled, I sometimes feel a kind of internal “click” of recognition, a release of tension, or just a sense of knowing. If it’s an especially important realization, I might  get goosebumps. I’ve established all this as indications to pay attention.

How do you recognize your signs?

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3 Times Rule, Spiritual Messages

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  1. I usually get my signs with a feeling of recognition, almost an “at peace” feeling washing over me. Other times, it’s almost a shock, where I get goosebumps! Like when the same tarot card comes up time and time again. The last time that happened, I just said “you must be #$@ Kidding me!” and follow up saying “ok, ok, I get it! sorry it took so long!”
    Love it when life makes you smile like that!

  2. A friend got a question asked of him… What does he really want? He asked me the some… then another friend wrote an article on that very subject… So I ask myself…What do I really want? hmmm. the signs are there.

  3. I love this post. I ask for guidance in dreams and Spirit usually complies. Important dreams usually have a different feel than any other. Also, weirdly, I’ve been doing the online dating thing and, believe it or not, a lot of the guys I’m meeting are giving me very valuable insight about my path, healing, etc. Not intentionally, it’s not like they’re psychic or anything, but in the course of conversation. I must finally be plugging into that grand fire trine of Mars, Sun, and the Midheaven! After all, it’s some very masculine energy, all in masculine planets and signs.

  4. There’s not a specific way I get the “signs” nor does it happen the same way every time. It’s just obvious and denial is always at my own peril.

  5. *I thought I posted this comment, but maybe I didn’t click “post comment.” Anyway, there isn’t any one specific way I get signs or way that I feel when I get them. They’re just obvious and to deny them is at my own peril! Though often, it’s the same word or phrase that comes in several times.

  6. I’m with you on the 3’s. My merc scorp picks everything on the radar, but when it whizzes past there three times Merc Scorp says, ok, we will say that is worthy of jotting down.

    Right now, I’m looking at 2 big things that are slated to happen. They are going to happen, I know it, they know it..it’s coming. BUT, there is a thrid out there getting ready to reveal itself and I just know it. And all I gotta say if I end up knocked up, someone just might die. And ironically, lol..oh nevermind.

  7. Today i saw a grey almost transparent, so maybe gray with white? it wanted to come inside, because it was right behind me when i opened the door. 2 min after i go to the basement i saw that a sleve on a jacket started waveing.

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