May 24

Woo-Woo, Out of the Closet?


Talking to a friend about Facebook and the complications of mixing professional identities.

“I’m sure my web people thought I had taken leave of my senses, when I started posting a steady stream of Tarot and astrology stuff! I went from posting search engine optimization tips to a constant stream of daily Tarot forecasts and astrology articles.”

“Has anyone from high school contact you to…”

“…let me know I’m going to Hell?” I finished. I always called my hometown the “Buckle on the Bible Belt,” after all. While I have respect for Christianity, the group as a whole takes a dim view of star watching and card reading.

“No, not yet. But it’s only a matter of time. The question is, who is it going to be first? It could be family as likely as somebody from high school. It’s not like I’m trying to hide it anymore. All they have to do is Google me, and within minutes, it’s pretty clear what I do. I use my real name and picture everywhere.”

By the time Saturn finished it’s way through Virgo, I didn’t much care anymore who knew what. I was tired of keeping only part of myself visible, constantly monitoring who might have a bad reaction to what. While is was probably more prudent than just putting my color on display, I ceased tracking.

I’m in my mid forties now–if I cannot just “be” at this point, how I am and who I am, when is that ever going to happen? I’m going to start living more true when I’m fifty? Sixty? Am I waiting for my parents to pass on first? For more people to start finding it acceptable? To become somehow mainstream?

Because how I think is not mainstream. Not in this lifetime. My friend Uranus sees to that. I’ll always be the crazy cat lady because it’s in my DNA. I could impersonate mainstream, but I think little bits of my soul would be burned up in the process. And therein lies the crux–Hell, to me, is living without integrity, feeling the need to hide or lie about who I am.

Whatever skills and potentials I’ve been blessed enough to receive, I want to utilize! Gifts cannot shine if you’ve got them packed in the back of the closet, huh? Somebody may think what you make is ugly. But somebody else will find it beautiful. And besides, you really keep it out for yourself, anyway. You know?

Are you out of the woo-woo closet?

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  1. I’ve had some old friends express shock at who I am now. Ah well. They were the kind of people who needed shaking up a bit.

    I completely agree. I’m far too old to worry about what everyone else thinks of my choices in life.

  2. Oh gol, I’ve been out of the woo-woo closet for so long that people would be shocked if I went back in.
    Carry on, Dixie!!!

  3. I’m pretty much out. I don’t make an announcement or anything, but it’s obvious to people I encounter that I am aware of astrology and spirit far beyond what “church” has to offer.

    I know you’ll be shocked (not!) that much of this “coming out” time was during Saturn in Virgo for me as well. I don’t hide any more…I don’t even hide my mojo bag when I go to the casino! lmao!

    1. You know Kristine, I cussed Saturn in Virgo the whole transit. But I owe him big, because without that transit, I would not be here, doing what I’m doing today. And I like it!

  4. Wow – this is so right on the mark for me right now! After a lifetime of keeping my “woo-woo” talents and interests buried and hidden from family and some friends, I’ve finally said enough is enough. This is me, and I am no longer going to be someone else just to fit into other people’s definitions of acceptable. Had enough of that.

    You’re so right, Dixie – it really IS incredibly tiring to hide who & what you really are. It’s so much nicer to just BE.

    (Not sure if it was a Saturn transit that did it for me, but I’m pretty sure it had a lot to do with Pluto squaring my Aries Chiron.)

    1. Saturn through Virgo hit my first and second houses and fired up my 7th and 10th as well, so professional identity, the front I offer to the world and how I interact got fired up for me. But the feeling of needing to hide versus not wanting to hide is a very familiar one.

      Glad you found your way into the light, Regina!

  5. To a degree, but I don’t run around telling everyone about my interest in astrology. For some, just the fact that I pursued theatre is very woo-woo, nevermind astrology or tarot.

  6. How are you and what have you do with the old moozie? HAHAHAHAHA This is the real moozie, you knew some form of everyone else’s idea!

  7. I’m slowly inching out of the closet. I’ve only recently started seriously talking with my husband about Tarot cards. He’s trying really hard to understand, but it’s difficult for him. I don’t try to hide it from most of the rest of the world, but neither do I bring it up. Most people I’ve mentioned it to seem distinctly uncomfortable with the topic so I usually leave it alone. I don’t talk about it at ALL with my mom, who’s old-school Christian. She doesn’t tell me I’m going to hell or anything but I’m pretty sure she thinks it.

    It’s uncomfortable. More and more I’m wanting to publicly own this part of me and offer my skills to people who would benefit from them, but I’m scared to mention Tarot cards or astrology beyond the most passing comment, let alone offer to do a reading for someone. Even my closest friends seem weirded out by it (except one, but she’s far away these days).

    1. I don’t think my husband subscribes to the power of the cards either, although he’s quite respectful of me and my work. And I totally hear you, korellyn. I don’t mind shocking random people, but there are certain folks I don’t go out of my way to bring it up, like my parents or birth family. They already think God has sentenced me to croak at Armageddon. Why lay it on any thicker? It serves no purpose. I just quit trying to hide it is all.

      When I did start talking about it more, I was surprised at the number of people who ARE interested but would never say so themselves.

  8. “When I did start talking about it more, I was surprised at the number of people who ARE interested but would never say so themselves.”

    I agree! The first local ad I placed for Reiki classes and sessions, I figured I’d get no responses, or worse yet, negative ones. (I’m out in the sticks.) Much to my surprise, Reiki people came out of the woodwork! I got students and clients, and some of them are still very good friends to this day.

  9. Unfortunately, no. I’m very closeted when it comes to my interest in Astrology. Mom knows, and my sister, to a certain extent. That’s about it. Coming out of the closet could have implications on my career and I don’t want to risk it. But I salute you for just being you, Dixie!

    1. I understand. There are lots of good reasons to keep these things to yourself. My reasons just stopped feeling like good ones at some point. But I always respect people making the choices that work best for them.

  10. Yes. & this is what I had to say a few months ago on the subject.

    “On a different note, I’ve been thinking about what one of my esoteric friends said about Tarot readers being reduced to stereotypical laughable fortune-telling figures bordering on quackery in this country. That’s what I’ve been trying to avoid for the past 9 years, & yet I really don’t mind when people see me differently everytime they’d find out how I’m so into New Age. This is who & what I am, but there’s more to me, of course, even if my current lifestyle is a tad too limiting. I’ve never felt more alive celebrating that, & I’m all the more excited to dabble in my chosen pursuits, which are actually more sophisticated than what the common horde would give them credit for.”

    Yes, Dixie, my woo woo is officially out of the closet. Definitely officially. I didn’t try to hide it after I was about 30. I gave up on that. I lost some friends and made some new but none have the same line of interest in the woo woo that I do. Until recently.

    I have had 4 requests recently from my friends to do readings and typically they are like oooooh..noo, we couldn’t go there. But, I did a reading for one friend and pinged it dead on and she was like..uh..hey guys.. And now they are all falling in line.

    Where I I must be in the next notch up from the buckle. Because the belt is pulled pretty tight. 20 some baptist churches in a town with less than 7,000 people. I get a few weird glances sometimes when people find out what I’m into. But I also get a few..ooh, really..I’m gonna call you after sunday school looks too.

    You know I hate that–not really.

    1. My Woo-Woo is now so far out of the closet, it’s getting suntanned! You bet your booty I’m talking the Woo Woo here!

      “But, I did a reading for one friend and pinged it dead on and she was like..uh..hey guys.. And now they are all falling in line.”

      Hahahaha!!! Funny, what that being accurate thing does. Carry on!

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