November 26

Tarot Readers Judging Clients


Altarpiece of the Last Judgement, detail; 1443-46; Hotel Dieu at Beaune

“Please don’t judge me.”

The words were just typed into a chat box, but I felt a hesitation, the cringe of negative expectation, just as clearly as if she’d been sitting next to me, looking me in the eye.

“I won’t judge you. I promise.”

I typed the words back, because I wanted them to have that written-word-weight, but also looked up into the camera so she could see my sincerity. She needed to see my sincerity.

“He’s married,” she confessed.

“I don’t judge you,” I reiterated. I meant it, just as much as the first time I said it.

I was doing a video/chat Tarot reading, and set about answering her questions as best I could, leaving aside the morality concerns. She didn’t need my help with the morality issues, no doubt already having had many sleepless nights to struggle with that herself. She was looking for perspective and information on where circumstances currently sat, and I did my best to give exactly that to her.

This isn’t to say I’m a fan of extra-marital affairs. I certainly don’t want any in my personal life! It just means that I am not the keeper of anyone else’s path. I don’t know why a person is where they are. I don’t know where their own path is leading and what is “bad” to me may well be a part of their own journey. I don’t know about the marriage or about the affair or about the people involved or what brought them to where they are right now. Just because I’m a reader doesn’t mean I’m omnipotent. I don’t ever forget that fact.

But more importantly, I’m not here to determine right and wrong for anyone else. I don’t want the karma!

Yes, there are circumstances I don’t think I could put aside well enough to effectively consult. Murder or exploitation of children come to mind as a couple of examples. I could never be objective. There are also some acts for which I will not be a participant because I don’t feel right or good about doing so–every time I’ve ever tried to fudge even a little on what I feel good about, it’s cost me. So if you’re looking to “psychic spy” on your ex, I am not the Tarot Diva for you!

But just because you make different decisions than I would in general doesn’t give me the right to look down upon you. There is always a balance to be struck, between encouraging others to reach for what I perceive to be higher, more positive expressions of energy, versus being convinced I as just a humble Tarot chick have the right to make those calls for everyone else on the planet.

So yeah. If I don’t feel good about what I’m trying to do with our work together, I won’t do it. But you’re free to live your own life regardless, without me sending disapproving vibes or spouting moral imperatives and declarations of ultimate righteousness at you. To me, the point is living righteously, not preaching it. I believe living righteously is the most meaningful way of preaching it anyway.

What’s your take on readers judging clients?

(P.S. If you’d like to try a live video reading, we can Skype or use another video chat online for the same cost as a phone reading. You don’t need a camera. Just let me know when you get a consult.)

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  1. I cannot say that 100% non-judgemental. But, I do try and I will correct myself when I catch it.
    I used to harbor a huge amount of judgement for anyone who had been involved in an extra-marital affair. I was very vocal about it. Then, I had the pleasure of finding out several people who were close to me were involved in such affairs. I knew these people. They weren’t demons. They were humans and there was also several scenarios and circumstances involved that I had never considered. What I discovered was my own fears..basically.
    I have a tendency to be self-righteous. It is a flaw that I’m aware of. But, it never fails, when I find myself in that position it quickly unravels and I get boiled down to a point where I know exactly where I truly stand. So, yeah. It’s not fun. I try not to judge. Like you, there are some instances where I know my limits as a human and I’d have to dismiss myself from the situation entirely.
    But, I’m getting a lot better

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