May 20

Reading for Other Professional Readers


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I was chatting with another lady working at the psychic fair. We were talking about the “first fair experience.” It had made her nervous when other readers came to her for a reading. She could see who had abilities when they walked up, and at first it gave her performance anxiety.

“So I just decided not to pay any attention, none at all, and just do my thing,” she said. I thought it a sound conclusion.

I knew what she was talking about, though. I’ve gotten nervous, reading for people I know do readings professionally–and especially other card readers. I guess you always wonder about being “good enough” or something. It’s like you have to be better at it than they are, in order to justify your work.

Of course, that’s silly. Everybody brings something different to the table, because individual strengths are as unique as an individual Fool’s Journey. A lilac bush isn’t required to smell better than the roses to justify it’s place in the garden.

Not to mention, anybody who’s ever tried to read for themselves knows it’s far easier said than done. Emotional turmoil disrupts your radar something fierce, and even if you manage to get a good read, you wonder if it’s wishes or fears talking. It can be very hard to sort out.

Of course, the other thing about working in this business–many of your clients will have skills, sometimes well-developed. Those drawn to get readings are often the ones most capable of tuning in themselves. It’s the nature of the business.

I’ve reconciled this in my own head by always asking (and expecting) those coming to work with me are the ones most able to benefit. Then I don’t have to bother with the details. In every reading, I ask for information that’s accurate, helpful, and in the highest good of all concerned. It doesn’t matter how many avenues one has to get the info–only that it makes its way where it needs to go. I’m honored when I’m able to serve in that capacity, whomever it’s for.

Does reading for other readers make you nervous?

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  1. To be truthful, I initially get anxious, then pour myself into giving of my best whether it’s for a professional or not, and with a Mercury/Saturn quincunx I never think I’ve given enough, been good enough, and it surprises me to get lovely feedback, and yes, the bottom line really is that I want to be helpful in any way that I can, and have read, on a repeat basis for just about every professional in my region over the years and that’s been an honour,and I have some lovely testimonials which are rarely on show, cos I still see them as the smart guys, me as the apprentice..and y’know, that’s fine.

    1. I actually get a little nervous whome/dixiblog/domains/ I’m reading for, at least for a minute or two. I know the “good stuff” from readings is not something I produce myself, you know? So it’s kind of leap of faith for me every time I sit down to do it. I have to trust I’ll be given what’s needed.

  2. Other professionals got me to even start doing readings and I feel honored when they do come to me. they have taught me along the way. I do what I do to the best of my abilities and how and what they (professionals or not) do with the information is up to them. I am just the messengers.
    As you said, Dixie… reading oneself can be tricky at best. I tend to put those times I do a reading for myself into the third person, stated my full name. It removed me from the reading. Like the others, It is up to me what I do with that information and move forward, using discernment.
    Great article, Dixie.

  3. Same here! I used to get really nervous when another reader asked me to read for them. But then I realized that sometimes, no matter how “good” you are at what you do, you just really need an unattached 3rd party viewpoint to give you some clarity. And that also, everyone receives and delivers the messages in their own unique way, so it’s all good!

    I find that when I’m just too close to the issue and obsessing over it, I can’t read for myself at all. I’ll even get absolute contradictions in my readings and just get more confused.

    Definitely going to try the 3rd person approach! Awesome – Thanks, Jenn!

  4. I rarely get nervous when I read anymore regardless of who it’s for. Overly confident maybe. I find avoidance a great tactic for dealing with nerves. The Scarlet O’hara method. I’ll worry about that tomorrow!

    Besides, how hard is it for a reader to GET a reading! We are always the most appreciative, I think. And you don’t have to waste any time explaining how it all works. They already believe and aren’t asking you to prove anything. Just get the splinters out for you because it’s nearly impossible to get them out of your own hand.

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