August 28

Hit-and-Run Doomsday Psychic Readers


I recently wrote on negative predictions in readings, from the angle that folks sometimes zero in on less-than-glowing bits in an otherwise optimistic reading. One of the comments I got on that piece was heartbreaking–and I think deserves a followup.

First of all Julie, I’m SO sorry this happened! I’d argue with the “reputable” label, though I realize it’s based on how the reader is perceived as opposed to who they really are. But even then, I just cannot bring myself to repeat the word without a rebuttal. Ugh!

I obviously don’t know your specific situation, but wanted to take this opportunity to comment on  those readers who don’t fit the m.o. of a run-of-the-mill psychic fraud scam artist but still do a huge amount of damage, what I call “Doomsday Psychic Readers.” Such a reader’s reputation may not reflect the self-aggrandizing insensitivity with which they toss out horrific and disturbing predictions. So many traumatized by this sort of reading do not talk about it, so the fear-mongering style, what essentially amounts to emotional violence, can often remain under the radar.

Consumers may not be able to completely avoid these types, but it can help to be informed. I’m hoping these thoughts may help someone avoid some unnecessary pain…

Signs of a Quality Reader

  • A psychic, Tarot reader, astrologer or any other metaphysical professional IS NOT GOD! We are just as human as you, regardless of what tools we  use. That means we do not know everything and even if we do “get” something, we can still be wrong. Responsible readers are upfront about their own human fallibility.
  • A good reading will leave you feeling empowered! If the reader tosses out a lot of dire predictions–especially without offering support and coping skills for constructively addressing your situation–it’s a strong sign of someone who is selling fear, not truth. Whether the point is to hook you into more readings or simply flame up an over-sized ego at your expense, the outcome is much the same and not pretty.
  • Responsible readers can articulate an ethical code for their work. The specifics will vary, but this is an area that every professional reader should have given serious attention.
  • Responsible readers answer questions you actually ask. A given reader may or may not volunteer some stray information that comes through in the course of a session, but if you’re getting horrific revelations without asking about a given topic, that’s a huge red flag.
  • Attitude is instructive: responsible readers do not savor delivering dire news. Quality readers look to HELP and support their clients, not appear important. We may sometimes have to deliver tough readings, but a good reader won’t be matter-of-fact about your pain.
  • High-quality spiritual communication always comes from a place of love. While everybody has some form of intuition and a person does not have to be “spiritual” to access it, the best readers are going to be “plugged in” spiritually. Ideally, a reader will work on personal spiritual development before undertaking a career involved in guiding others spiritually. You want readers who are generally kind and loving. (In my observation, these folks tend to have the most advanced skills, as well as being the least likely to deliver irresponsible emotional smacks to clients.)

You cannot always avoid a Doomsday Psychic Reader, but you CAN honor your own path by making sure that anyone you choose to listen to is actually helping you! If a reading is simply upsetting and not constructive, if a reading drums up fear and dread but not a sense of direction for improving your life, you can bet the reader is NOT serving your higher good. You do not have to accept what such a person has to say.

Protect yourself by guarding your own mind and heart. Be a vigilant gatekeeper and only let love inside. That will protect you from far more than Doomsday Psychic Readers.

Have you had good luck with readers? Do you have anything to add to this list? 

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  1. Thank you, Dixie. I did ask the reader if there was anything I could do to help my brother, and he said something like, “No, unfortunately, he’s not going to outlive your parents.” I was so taken aback by that that I don’t even think I heard the rest of the reading. It did teach me to not give my power away so easily, and to take psychic readings with a grain of salt. I think there are definitely reputable psychics out there, but even they can only see potentials. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Of all the lessons you could have gotten, that’s a damn important one. Wasn’t a nice way to get it, but useful lesson at least. Ugh.

      I am also a huge proponent of Free Will, and see the future as fluid. That’s a reasonable way to view this gig from my perspective.

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