May 23

Secret Life of Gemstones


I saw somebody mention in a discussion recently how their crystals and gemstones love to disappear and reappear. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear somebody else say that!

Mine do so with alarming regularity. And it’s not just me being absentminded! Sometimes, these things show up in places that I’ve looked dozens of times, or disappear right out from under my nose. I can get wrapped up in my own little reality, but I’m not that bad.

I’ve been telling myself they do this when I am over-using a particular stone or would just be better suited for another stone’s energy. When I need it, I’m certain it will appear on my radar. In other words, I simply personify the stone and say it’s the stone’s preference.

Flipped open my copy of Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System and noticed that section I opened to was talking about little tricks various guides play–like hiding things to get your attention. So it’s not my imagination!

Maybe it’s the guides doing the hiding. Or the crystals themselves are the physical manifestations of guides’ energy. I don’t know! I just know the little suckers hide from me.

Do your gemstones play hide and seek?

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  1. Yes, they do! All the time, Dixie. When I was moving, I sold off a lot of my quartz crystals. Some of them hid from me until after people looking at them had gone home/dixiblog/domains/
    They did NOT want to be sold.

    A friend of mine moved 5 years ago, and STILL has not found her crystals. They are hiding someplace in her “new” home/dixiblog/domains/

    1. That particular cluster is a stock image. I don’t have any clusters yet, but of course, I’d love to. Maybe it would be harder for them to hide!

  2. Oh yeah they do! LOL
    My stones wander around all the time. Sometimes certain ones will just go MIA, or I’ll walk into a room, see a stone and think: “How did THAT get there?” Strange stuff, but ultimately cool.

    But yeah, I’ve worked with stones for years, and I’ve found that they definitely have their own lives. They’ll “tune out” when they don’t want to play and they’ll make you notice when they have something to say!

    1. All the time! Yesterday, one I’d been missing reappeared in my apron pocket. Announced himself when I slung the apron over a chair, clunking on the chair though the fabric.

  3. I have a little mojo bag that I carry with me. It’s always in my purse or my pocket or tucked in my bra. (Yeah, I’m weird.) It’s a small purple velvet bag with some gemstones and some herbs that was made for me; I use Horn of Plenty on it and it smells fabulous.

    It disappeared a little over a month ago. I looked on the nightstand, through my purse, in the pockets of every pair of pants…nothing.

    Two days ago…it was sitting at the base of the lamp on my nightstand. Seriously??? I kind of laughed, said “thank you” for giving it back, and moved on.

    I’ve never had that happen before!

    1. That very thing just happened to me…i had a small pouch with stones and its gone its dissapeared and it still has not returned .

  4. They do. All the time. And I quit blaming my Pisces Moon for being forgetful because they turn up in some of the oddest places. Crazy little boogers. The whole leather rope on my lemurian crystal necklace disappeared about 2 weeks ago. I thought I would find it in the laundry, but I think the crystal just didn’t like being tied down to be honest.

  5. I had a clear quartz that did this constantly back when I was in my early twenties. I would tear my room apart looking for it and it would always be under something! I thought I was going crazy as well. Like Josi above me, I blamed my forgetful Pisces nature (Sun-Mercury and Venus in Pisces)for my crystal vanishing!

  6. I see all these posts are old but I was glad to find them in a random search. A few months ago I bought my first crystals. I carried them everywhere in my pocket and my little girls loved them. Then all of a sudden-gone. They are no where to be found. I was driving myself crazy looking for them. I was on a short trip, I thought it would be nice for my littlest who loved the amethyst to pick out her own-I am not versed in this yet so bear with me. I wanted her to have big cluster something she could not put in her mouth-she picked out a beauty. We got it home/dixiblog/domains/ with the rest of the items in our bag, we showed it to her Dad on Saturday. I looked for it two nights ago when she wasn’t feeling the greatest (4 days after we brought it home/dixiblog/domains/ and was doing some Angel work with her-it too is gone. I am puzzled by this. Then I started thinking! Yes this very well could happen and started searching-so here I am. Thanks for putting this out there. I carried my piece of float copper with me today, I am wondering if I will find it if I go look for it in my pants pocket right now. We shall see. Thanks again

    1. Welcome, Joanna. Mine disappear and reappear ALL the time!! I sometimes have luck with stating the intention that I miss my crystal, I would like it back.

  7. Now come to think of it, I hadan Amethyst and my mother’s smoky quartz on my bedside table and I usually notice them every day….can’t say I have lately! Gee, now I will have to go look and see! Fascinating! And I agree with Aliza…what a beautiful thing they have a life of their own. Magical! : D

  8. Greetings. I have had four pieces of pyrite in I possession. All four I have no clue where they are. The last one I placed on I mantle last week today it’s no where to be found. This is beautiful how the MOST HIGH will is always done. Peace and love #RASTAFARI

  9. Omg, my precious black tourmaline necklace that i’ve been wearing daily made a disappearing act on me today. I thought it came loose so i searched the house for it. But the places that i went today- the toilet, the kitchen & my room only but its nowhere to be found ='(

  10. If crystals can do things like heal and impart wisdom, they can certainly move on their own. Mine come and go all the time. I’m just happy when they come back. Yellow Topaz (Citrine) seems to have the strongest wanderlust in my crystal family.

  11. Hi! Happy to have found this page. My tiger’s eye went awol yesterday so I did a Google search, and oh, it seems to be a common question. I kind of miss that little stone, but maybe it has gone somewhere it needed to go – like a side trip. BTW, it was in a tied pouch, along with some other stones. The pouch had all the stones in it, except the tiger’s eye. I wish it a happy journey, maybe we’ll see each other again.

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