May 16

Softening the Sharp Edges with Rose Quartz Love Vibes!


rose-quartz-gemstone-metaphyscial-propertiesRose Quartz is a form of Quartz crystal with a pinkish hue, sometimes very softly colored or sometimes, a deeper pink, and it’s a staple of any gemstone collection. The stone is usually translucent, some even transparent. I have always preferred the softer pink colors, so those are the ones I can speak to from personal experience.

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love, associated with the Heart Chakra. It has a very soothing and gentle energy. I’m most likely to grab for  Rose Quartz when I’m sad, mad, lonely or feeling unloved somehow.

Going through a very difficult period with a family member once (read: constantly pissed), I used this stone a LOT. I especially liked the rough-cut then, turning it over and over in my hand until the difficult feelings passed. The sharper edges suited my mood while the stone’s energy had a chance to sink in. I  churned that stone so much, I was actually surprised it didn’t wear smooth! I still reach for it when I want to soften a sharp mood.

I also have a lamp on my Tarot desk. I turn it on for readings, and will sometimes lay my hands on it for a minute when I need a quick “love charge” or I’m sending some love energy out into the energy sea for any reason.

Before my daughter moved off, I gave her a little Rose Quartz heart I’d held, focusing on channeling my love and support for her into the stone. I wanted her to have something from me to call on even when I was far away, and to help with missing mom. I knew I was going to be missing her!

Rose Quartz is a good choice for dealing with breakups, melancholy, or missing someone as well as anger. It’s also great for agitation and emotional turmoil of any kind. Basically, any disturbance of the heart (including physical heart issues) is a good candidate for some Rose Quartz energy. It’s healing though love.

How do you like your Rose Quartz?

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  1. I bought my daughter a large Rose Quartz stone & she wears it on a long chain almost everyday. It has the Ohm symbol etched in the center & when I bought it the symbol was painted black but I scraped off the black paint, it looked too harsh for such a pretty stone.


    Beautiful stuff Dixie!

  2. The posts on crystals are super, Dixie. It’s always a treat to get your daily tarot coupled with a piece on a crystal. I have a rose quartz heart on a chain and wear it when I’ve worked myself up into a pity party. It reminds me that love is always available.

  3. I was never a big fan of chakras, they seemed just a tad TOO woo-woo to me *grins*, but about a year ago I mixed up a chakra gemstone bag to carry with me every day and I can not belieeeeve the impact!

    Of course I have a rose quartz in the mix. Bought specially for the bag, it’s a small, soft pink, trapezoidal piece that has a few cloudy veins through it.
    My regular rose quartz is larger, but almost the same hue, and they’re both tumbled smooth. Love me some rose quartz! I find them very soothing.

    1. SaD, I hear ya. Working with stones is one of those things that, when you first hear of it, it’s like, “Really?!? You say carrying around ROCKS is going change how I feel?” And then you wonder who is more nuts, them for saying that or you for considering it. Or at least, I did.

      I find Rose Quartz very soothing, too.

      1. *lol* You know the tri-sexual joke? Yup, that’s me!
        I’ve had horrible migraines since I was a child. One day about fifteen years ago in the metaphysical shoppe, I was talking to a friend about migraines since she had recently been diagnosed when a stranger jumped in and said, “You should try some hematite! It helps with mine.”
        I bought a piece that day and never looked back. *grins* Bona-fide weirdo, c’est moi!

        Chakras, though? *eyebrow quirk* Very skeptical of them for a long while. One of my cousins recently did reiki training, though, and explained what she learned and let me look through her materials. I gave it a shot (See? Try anything!) and wasn’t disappointed.

        Sometimes I think it boils down to how clued-in you are to energy, though. Those people who can’t read a room’s mood wouldn’t get as much out of crystals, methinks.

        1. “Sometimes I think it boils down to how clued-in you are to energy, though. Those people who can’t read a room’s mood wouldn’t get as much out of crystals, methinks.”

          That’s a really good point. Most stones are subtle and if you’re not tuned in overall, you are just not going to feel much.

          The thing for me with all of it, Chakras on up, is how people are sometimes so…I dunno. Over-the-top preachy about “this how it is” I guess. That really put me off for a long time. I cannot just accept someone’s declaration of reality. I have to feel it myself or it’s useless to me.

          1. My lord, Dix! There’s so much good thoughtfood in that lost comment that I’m lost for words! *digesting*


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