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Gemstone Guides: Clear Vision with Lapis Lazuli


Lapis is a gemstone with quite a history! It’s named ‘lapis’, the Latin word for stone, and ‘azula’, which is Arabic meaning blue. Lapis lazuli is made up of several minerals, including but not limited to: lazurite, sodalite, hauyne, calcite and pyrite. Painters from pre-Renaissance and later used ground lapis as pigment .

“In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was a favorite stone for amulets and ornaments such as scarabs; it was also used in ancient Mesopotamia for seals and jewelry. Lapis jewelry has been found at excavations of the Predynastic Egyptian site Naqada (3300–3100 BC), and powdered lapis was used as eyeshadow by Cleopatra. In ancient Mesopotamia, lapis artifacts can be found in great abundance, with many notable examples having been excavated at the Royal Cemetery of Ur (2600-2500 BC).” – Wikipedia

The ancient Egyptian book of the dead said that Lapis, set in gold in the shape of an eye, was a very powerful amulet! So it’s been used magically for a very long time…

Because the highest quality Lapis comes from Afghanistan, it may not be as readily available currently as it has been in the past. So if you find a good specimen at a reasonable price, snatch it up!

lapis gemstone metaphysical propertiesRuled by Jupiter, Lapis is known to cleanse all the chakras, associated some with the throat charka but especially with the Third Eye. It’s said to impart ancient wisdom and knowledge to it’s bearer, and insists that you raise your vibration to connect with it as opposed to the other way around.

It’s used for expanding your vision and perspective, psychic seeing, and protection from psychic attack. Holding it, the energy does indeed have an expansive quality. You can place it directly to your third eye (middle of the forehead, centered a little above your physical eyes) for psychic vision work. I sometimes use it in readings. I also have a pendulum made of Lapis (thanks, Cedar!), and it’s served me well.

Look to Lapis when you want and need clarity and objectivity—when you’re ready to understand the bigger-picture truths! There is a timelessness about it. It is a good stone to use for dreamwork as well. Creativity and awareness are both enhanced by Lapis. It’s suggested for teachers and public speaking.

For healing, it’s said to aid thyroid, speech or hearing issues, insomnia, and relieve anxiety. It’s historically been used to draw poisons or fever out of the body. It’s also used to address deeply buried emotional trauma.

Caring for your Lapis Lazuli: This stone is of moderate hardness; it should be protected from acidic substances, avoiding chemical contact in general and should not be exposed to too much sunlight. It can also chip or crack, so be aware when wearing Lapis jewelry. Water can destroy the protective coating on polished pieces, so don’t store in water for cleansing.

Do you use Lapis Lazuli? How?

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