December 21

Gemstone Guides: Howlite Sucks it Up!


IMG_1911There’s a new woo-woo shop in town, and I had a good time checking it out. I got myself up a couple new rocks. I used my usual method of hovering my hand over the baskets of rocks to see where I felt a vibration. This hunk of Howlite was one that wanted to join my stone family.

Yes, I call it a “stone family.” If I sleep with ’em, they’re family, damnit!


Howlite is a mineral discovered near Windsor, Nova Scotia in 1868 by Henry How, a Canadian chemist, geologist, and mineralogist. In it’s natural state, it resembles cauliflower and was originally consider a nuisance! I’m glad someone changed their minds.

Howlite is white, veined and porous, so it’s sometimes dyed as an impersonator to more expensive stones, like Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli or red Coral. It absorbs the dye very well. I found that quality very interesting, considering how it’s used.

Howlite is known to promote calm, honesty and awareness for emotional situations. It absorbs the excess emotion! It’s especially known to help smooth anger and defensiveness, heightening discernment. When you’re not overloaded with emotional discharge, you can afford to be more empathetic and flexible.

Because of it’s calming nature, it’s also a good stone to aid sleeping and quieting an overactive mind. I’m betting it will be a natural for meditation. It’s associated with the upper chakras (5th – 7th), so the throat, third eye and crown charkas, promoting effective, clear speech, inner sight—or is that insight?—and higher understanding. It’s like those veins are the cobwebs it helps clear out for you!

The stone has a very calm, peaceful feel to it. It reminds me of Rose Quartz in it’s gentleness, but the soothing vibe here isn’t so much like pouring love energy on top. It’s more like a cleansing, soaking up over-charged impulses so you can keep a clearer channel. (Incidentally, I think Howlite and Rose Quartz would make a powerful combination for dealing with traumatic stress, especially if there’s a lot of anger.)

I am liking this piece a lot. I’ve found it to be very peaceful and seemed to help me settle my mind down quickly for sleep. We haven’t been related long, but I’m looking forward to a fruitful relationship.

Have you ever worked with Howlite? What’s your experience?

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  1. I forgot to add, it’s a soft stone. So you don’t want to keep it in a bowl of salt or around anything abrasive. I’m also betting it would benefit from regular cleaning, sinks it’s job is to soak up acidic emotional waves.

  2. its quite an intelligent companion, howlite. it works indirectly with great assurance. its calming but not dumbing and not numbing and it has a peaceful warrior quality to it.

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