June 30

Gemstones in Real Life: Moldavite Dynamite Update


Moldavite Necklace Report
Moldavite Necklace Report

Moldavite has a kick, as you may already know. A big one. From what I can tell, it’s all about letting go and opening up. And with that kind of energy, it’s something you may want to work with in measured doses. At least, if you’re not me.

As much as I lecture the world to be patient, get your two cookies later, not to be all forlorn when you find you haven’t tossed it fast enough…well, I don’t care. I want to be lessened of my psychic hangups now, damnit! I’m perfectly ready to accept discomfort for my own good, if we can just get on with it already.

So I ordered this Moldavite necklace. Right around that last eclipse, when I was already twitchy with the astrological charge. The Moldavite turned it up. And I wore it, all day, every day for a couple of weeks, just taking it off for bathing and sleeping. (I don’t think I could have slept with it on.)  But I was determined I was going to get the best I could from of the period, so I wore it faithfully to enhance my intention.

And yes, it did it’s work. I had shadows shaking loose in every corner of my brain! Left and right. At times, quite uncomfortable, but not unduly painful considering what was being shuffled. And it moved fast! If you’re willing to endure the unsettling transition, it’s a good choice.

Nonetheless, I probably could have done with a little less push. I finally decided to give it a rest–I was getting too wound up. So I grabbed my Charkra necklace again for a while. But I have it back on, in preparation for the next eclipse.

I have noticed this necklace is a slightly lighter green color than my other pieces (though it looks dark in the picture), and seems to have a gentler energy than the darker green. That’s just as well, if it’s going to be hanging around my neck–and  especially if I don’t have the good sense to swap it out with calmer gemstones periodically. I’m working on that “good sense” thing.

Do you limit your work with any particular stones because of their energy?

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  1. I usually wear hematite bracelets on each wrist, the weight feels very ‘heavy’ and almost cloying at times. Looking into black tourmaline or smoky quartz to wear instead, or maybe I’ll just make my own.

    I wear Moldavite earring studs everyday, their energy doesn’t ‘seem’ to feel as powerful as the rough piece. But I am pretty wound up these days……hmmmm. Maybe a break is in order.

    1. I would give it a try, Jinjan. I can definitely tell when I’m ODing, I feel wired and buzzy and antsy. Like my brain is abuzz, best I can describe it.

  2. LOL – yeah, I do the same thing. I’m all about getting the show on the road and breaking through the “stuff” so I can move on!

    I think I may be a bit of a metaphysical daredevil. I’ll acknowledge warnings about the effect and strength of a stone’s energy, but then I usually say: “Bring it on baby!” and completely immerse myself in it.

    I think I experiment on myself – I’m always wondering: “I wonder what THAT’S going to do?” LOL

    1. Awesome, shellss! I like the meditation with ’em, too. Much as I manage to meditate, that is. I’m kind of traditional meditation-impaired.

  3. Well, you inspired me to give it a try. Nothing big or fancy, but I ordered a small piece online from Amazon, and will try working with it. I need something to shake things up, and clear out the cobwebs. I’ll let you know how it feels when I’ve received it, and worked with it for a while.

      1. So, mail usually arrives around 2 in the afternoon. I stopped by the mailbox at 4:30, expecting my moldavite to arrive today, the box was empty. I took the dogs for their walk, and around 6 got home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html. After doing some clean up, had to empty the recycling, and decided to check again for the mail. Moldavite in the mailbox. I don’t have much money, so I only sprung for a 2 gram piece. I took it out of it’s wrapping, and immediately felt 6th and 7th chakras open. It’s been a somewhat trying week, a sick cat who may be at the end of his life, even though he’s only 9, it’s cost me about $1600 so far to find out a whole lot of nothing. The whole day has been foggy. Not any more. An immediate shift.
        I was holding it while I was outside on the deck. I noticed, all of a sudden, about 7 or 8 very large dragonflys, which I hadn’t seen before, circling overhead, dancing in the breeze, with the hummingbirds. Went inside, put the moldavite down, did a few things, then walked outside, a couple of minutes later, the dragonflies were gone. Hmmmm, interesting. So, I went inside, grabbed the moldavite again, walked outside, and within a minute the dragonflies were back.
        I think I’m going to be having a whole lot of fun with this!

        1. Oh my gosh, ruth. That is something else, huh?! I tell you, the energy is absolutely palpable. I’d be looking up dragonfly symbolism. Feel free to give us an update after you’ve played with it for a while.

          And I’m very sorry about your kitty.

          1. Thanks Dixie. It’s interesting though, yesterday, when I held it, I felt this intense tingly energy, especially in, as I said, the upper chakras. Today, it’s only warmth. I’m not seeing this as a bad thing, actually, I’m thinking that the initial interaction probably blew out some dust, or an energetic plug, and now, its integrating in a different, more comfortable way. I’m also thinking that with Aquarius rising, and Uranus on the DC, its not surprising that something that came directly from space would feel so much like “home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html”.

  4. I agree with you that Moldavite is just amazing, but sometimes you do need to take a break. I have noticed lots of people are being drawn to it right now, and I think its because we all need its energy. I usually wear both my Moldavite ring and pendant until its too, much then take a break for a few days.

    Combine it with a softer energy stone to calm it a little. I wear my Larimar with it, smooths the energy!

  5. i just bought a piece of moldavite today. the first time i picked it up it felt right. then it got put into a box and i went to go and get something to eat. while i was waiting for my food to arrive i took it out of the box and started to examine it. all of a sudden the room started to spin and i got very nauseated and i put it down and rushed to the bathroom. i did get a bit sick. i spit up bile since i hadn’t had breakfast yet. when i got back to the table i put it back in the box and waited till after breakfast to try again. on the car ride home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html i had the urge to take out the moldavite and let the sun shine through it. i gazed at it’s every nook and cranny. i then put it in my coil wrap around pendant next to my sugilite and that dangles from my hematite necklace. i love it. i feel really great and i aspire a wonderful journey.

    1. It’s an exceptionally powerful stone IMO. I would encourage to to take breaks from wearing it, especially if you find yourself feeling jittery or keyed up. At least, that’s what I do.

      Hope you enjoy your new friend, DaSpitFrye1!

      1. It is now 2015 & I have gone through immense changes. Physically, mentally & spiritually. I do take breaks from wearing my moldavite since 2012, but they are never conscious. Some days I pick it up nd put it on, other days I keep it on for days or weeks at a time nd occasionally I take it off to cleanse/charge/amplify atop of an orgonite disc that contains lemurian seed crystal nd herkimer diamonds. I swap other gemstone(s) that choose to hangout with my handmade wire wrapped moldavite pendant as subconsciously needed. I hardly ever think about it. I just do what feels right. Since this purchase, my daughter choose to live with me instead of her father. I have moved into a better environment nd neighborhood with convenient access to publish transportation with a better home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html school for my daughter. I have found work as well as a hobby (that can be a potential career if handled well). I have met, ran away from, accepted nd finally moved in with my twin flame who wants to marry me. I finally filed for child support nd I even won the case. I have been able to mend the relationship with my biological father. I have shed my untrue friends, acquaintances nd even some disloyal family members. The going does get rough, but even day I am truer to myself than I have ever been. Thank you for checking up on your blog! I’d of never gotten a chance to share my experiences

    2. Hi, this is a relative old discussion but I would like to ask you for an update. Do you still wear your moldavite? Do you notice a change in your live? Is the moldavite still powerful?

      1. I usually pull it out for when I feel the need specifically. It’s a bit much for daily use for me. But I like it around Full Moons and eclipses, especially, or when I’m struggling with a difficult change. I’ve noticed no difference in how it works from when I first got it.

      2. I don’t know if you can see my reply to the discussion from 2012.. but have a look! It is a long story short reply. Hope that helps! Safe journeys.

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