May 27

Gemstones in Real Life: Moldavite Clearing the Decks


I was blessed with a surprise gift when Jupiter was conjunct Uranus–a minivan! It was much needed and appreciated, since I was driving a complete crap-mobile. There was only one problem–the energy. It belonged to my brother. My relationships with family are sketchy on a good day, and I’d only talked to this brother once in the decade prior. So climbing in this vehicle, thick with his energy, dredged up a lot of pain. I’d hop in to go to the store and end up bawling within minutes and it wasn’t shaking off.

Purple Leopard Car Seat Covers
“That is SO you,” said my husband upon seeing these.

I decided I needed to inject some “Dixie”in there and clear the energy. Started with a few accessories and added a sparkly necklace to hang from the rear view mirror. It was better, but I wanted more.

Hello, seat covers! Knowing my brother would have had nothing to do with such flashy foolishness, they helped hugely. All of a sudden, I could get in without feeling sad.

I also grabbed a bottle of Purification spray–love this stuff!–used it liberally, and stashed nearby for quick recharges and clearing. Much, much better. Then Jinjan suggested adding gemstones. Duh! Why did I not think of that? Specifically, Moldavite, a rare,  green piece of ancient meteorite.

Moldavite wrapped in ribbon

Now, Moldavite had already hit my radar, since a recent order to the Natural Magick Shop had mistakenly netted me a whole bunch of Moldavite oil! Ten bottles of something you didn’t order captures your attention, after all.

I vaguely remembered maybe having a piece of my own from eons ago. I’d gotten it when I was new at collecting gemstones, as a gift. I felt it’s vibrations like crazy when I touched it and had no idea what else to do with it. So it lived in it’s little bag, pushed behind other stuff, long put away and forgotten until I went seeking it. It showed up again, right when I asked for it. Thanks, Universe!

I hung it on the rear view mirror with some ribbon inside a ring my husband gave me, adding an amethyst necklace to ground and some other personal items to round out the energetic transfusion. The results were quick and exceeded my expectations. I’ve been happily driving, sans emotional ghosts, ever since.

moldativte necklace
Pretty, don’t you think?

They say Moldavite helps you transform and let go of whatever you no longer need, you know?

What I didn’t expect was that within few days of  hanging that Moldavite, I would be finishing up my work at Elsa’s site to be here at A Fool’s Journey, giving it all I’ve got. As hard as it was to transition (and it was), deep down, I knew it was time, to move forward and see where it led. I don’t know when I would have, though, had circumstances not come together the way they did. I credit Moldavite energy for driving the process into motion.

I loved it so much, I recently ordered myself a Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Moldavite Pendant from Amazon. I’m excited to see what other changes this stone brings. But I’ll warn you now–don’t get it if you’re not ready to be shot into the future.

Do you have any Moldavite? What do you think of it?

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  1. Oooh – yep! Love the Moldavite, and all the other space rocks! Otherworldly energy. (Maybe it feels like home/dixiblog/domains/ LOL!)
    LOVE the steering wheel and seat covers, Dixie. It’s definitely YOU!

  2. Oh yeah baby! Moldavite will knock you right on your butt, if you’re not expecting it. Literally, for me. The first time I ever picked up a piece of Moldavite, I had to sit down on the floor in the rock shop within a minute.

    Love it though! I know whenever I need to break through some stuff right quick, Moldavite is my “go-to agent” who gets it done.

    (PS – And the purple seat covers totally rock!)

  3. I just ordered another piece. Becoming a space rock junkie! Har.

    And I am loving the seat covers. They make me happy all over again every time I see them. I still haven’t put my “Goddess” tag on the front of it yet, but that’s next…

  4. Dixie! I’m so thrilled about this post!!!!!! Awesome!!!!

    Moldavite, where to start. I was mad at my piece for a little bit, because my dog passed unexpectedly. She was semi-paraplegic and required special care. I drove myself cuckoo worrying about her, whether she was in pain from previous surgery, walking, etc. Her age was a mystery and think she was much older than speculated. I feel my piece had something to do with her journey to the Spirit World.

    I had a dream before receiving her (Moldavite) from New Zealand. A dream where a benevolent woman showed me the use of and how to pick out stones. Her energy was very loving, then I met her in person at a metaphysical shop; it had been under my nose for years. I just know ‘she’ led me there to meet the woman I dreamt about, who happens to be an Empath/Channeler who doesn’t mince words. I am still in awe of the events.

    Also, some of your posts have been VERY synchronistic, so thank you!

    I’ve made my peace and intuitively feel big events/changes are on the horizon. I started with this piece in February and now my stone collection and profound fascination for their healing energy continues to grow.

    Do you have any Selenite? It feels so pure. Carol (empath) recommended Lodolite for enhancing ESP, contact with the other side, to recall past lives, etc. Still getting my bearings with their energy, makes me feel loopy without power beads.

    I’m so happy for the new, energetic changes in your life. Your necklace is a beauty!


    1. That sounds very consistent with my experience of Moldavite–quick disruption, causing you break free from whatever is tying your energy up but you’ve been holding on to.

      I do have a Selenite lamp and a small piece, although the small one is worn from living in my salt-filled gemstone bowl. I didn’t realize it’s such a soft stone, it shouldn’t be stored that way. I know it’s supposed to clear everything and doesn’t need recharging.

      Don’t know much Lodalite. I guess that goes on my to-check-out list. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the props, Dixie…I was sure wondering about all the Moldavite oil! BTW, I certainly would have given a refund (if I could afford it) or credit at the store (if I couldn’t) if you wanted to return some. Love the seat covers, they go with your hair! Psst, have you seen the Molavite wand I made in September? I call it MoldaVitae. I remember my first Moldavite jewelry, a pair of gemstone grade earrings. I started having dreams of alien abductions…or at least I hope they were dreams! Off went the earrings, for years. Now that the Grays have been made to stop their depredations, (or maybe all those experiments DID finally lead them to conclude that we were sentient beings with a right to our own Free Will) I can wear them again!

    1. Cedar, you took care of it at the time, I returned them and you sent my order and some extra goodiesas I recall. I have gotten some of the oil since then, though, it’s one of my favorites. It has a lovey scent and the vibration, while clearly moldavite, is gentler. I sometimes use it to feed my moldivate stones.

      No, I hadn’t noticed the wand yet, that’s very cool! I don’t look at your wands a whole lot because it’s easier on the budget to limit exposure…ha!

      That’s a lovely piece, though.

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