March 19

Gemstone Guide: Soft Wings of Angelite


Angelite Gemstone ProperitesBefore I write about a gemstone, I like to take it out and play with it a bit. Getting attuned, reminding myself of the impressions it leaves. Grabbing my little Angelite ball, I noticed how very similar it  feels very similar to Celestite. Good reason, it turns out. It’s formed of Celestite under pressure, over millions of years.

This stone is actually named Anhydrite, but commonly known as Angelite. “Angelite” is from the Greek word  “anhydra,” meaning “without water.” It’s a sedimentary mineral that forms in massive rock layers, without water it’s in crystal structure.

Angelite is known as a stone of awareness.  Associated with Aquarius, it’s used for communication with angelic guides, connection to the unseen realms, ethereal knowledge and development of psychic abilities. Think higher perspective. Astral travel, vision quests, and protection during these types of endeavors would be considered a good use of this stone.

For healing, Angelite’s associated with the regulation of water in the body, weight, throat concerns, the thyroid, and circulatory and blood-related issues. It’s also said to impact the auto-immune system and be helpful for inflammation.

The stone has a very soft, soothing feel about it. I find it gentle and calming. It’s said to help align the physical body with the auric body. It’s also associated with the Throat Charka, so it’s a good stone to help you speak your truth.

This is a lovely stone for meditation, to help connect to higher realms and retain a sense of being protected at the same time. It’s as peaceful as being enveloped in an angel’s wings.

Caring for your Angelite: physically, this is a soft stone and should not be left in water, as that will damage it. I’d also avoid storing it with anything abrasive (i.e. not storing in a bowl of sea salt).  This gentle stone wants gentle handling.

Do you use Angelite? What do you think of it?

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