September 4

Freedom from Energy Drains / Queen of Swords


This hopped out at me from the archives. Reminder to protect our energy!

There’s an economy to energy; as flesh and blood beings in a material plane, our bodies and minds have only so much fuel. What we think about, what we care about, what we give and receive all reflect our values in how we spend this resource.

It can be intentional or accidental, but the end result is the same. I prefer intentional. You’re less likely to wake up some day wondering what you’ve done with your life.

We’re blessed by the Queen of Swords. As Water in Air, emotions inform but do not dominate her perception. That’s the Queen of Cups job! She shares the Queen of Wands’ determination, but is less hot-headed exercising it. While the Queen of Pentacles contributes by planting and nurturing, the Queen of Swords achieves by pruning. She is skilled in cutting away the superfluous drags that thwart progress.

The people that drain you, the job  you dread, the situations you avoid, the preoccupation with your family’s choices, whatever eats away at time, resources or peace—energy drains come in all shapes and sizes. Are you getting anywhere with the expenditure? Does it support and reflect what you want in your life?

If not, detach (air) from your emotional entanglement (water). Cut away what isn’t serving your higher goals and you’ll find those outcomes you pursue become a whole lot clearer and the movement toward them a whole lot lighter.

P.S. Some drains are very intentional. Be wary of those who make you feel uncomfortable in any way, shape or form. This IS your early warning system.

Does how you spend your energy reflect your values?

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Legacy of the Divine, Queen of Swords

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  1. Dixie’s Note: Restored comment from backup.
    As a Leo Sun, I really relate to the Queen of Wands, although with a Pisces Moon and Cancer rising and a Saturn/Sun square, I haven’t always been tough, thick-skinned, or confident. This past summer has been a lesson in channeling her, though. The higher octave of stubborn is persistent, after all. The difficult part for the Queen of Wands is knowing when to cut her losses, but if she finds the right place, she will keep chipping away at it until she accomplishes her mission. This is also what makes her annoying, right? She won’t take “no” for an answer sometimes!! So, for me, I’ve operated a lot on the basis of sacrificing my needs for others (Moon/Venus square) and with a business I’ve had to toss that model out the window. I just kept constantly lowering my rates to accommodate others and it backfired. My landlord isn’t going to take my being nice as an excuse for not paying the rent!! So I’ve had to channel that Queen of Wands, man, not just the Queen of Swords. I’ve had to stick to my guns. It’s been TOUGH. My stomach has been churning for weeks. But today I finally got confirmation that the Universe will take care of me if I commit to taking care of myself.

    Now I have to channel the Queen of Wands again for my creative writing. Have had a big blow to my creativity in that aspect of my life as well.

      1. Thanks. It’s okay. I had to learn a really valuable lesson, which is why it was so hard. It wouldn’t have been so hard if putting myself last were not so ingrained in me. If that makes any sense… But with the Queen of Swords, now that I think about it, it’s also easy to cut away certain bad habits or behaviors, don’t you think? It can be like a sign that you’re finally ready to cut the crap. Hah.

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