May 17

Fool’s Journey and Personal Truths


Search for Personal Truth
Nobody else has my answers. Or yours.

The exchange with SaDiablo over here got me thinking.

I’ve always had trouble with the holier-than-thou “this is the one true way” proclamations, regardless of the mouth from which they emerge. That’s part of what got my ass out of organized religion–and part of what makes me cringe with some new age replacements. Truth doesn’t become so because it’s said with great authority by someone wearing long robes or standing on a remote mountaintop. Stage presence is nice, but doesn’t change the quality of the message.

It’s not real, capital-T Truth for me until it hits my heart and resonates. Authoritative tones don’t make that happen. It’s a very personal experience, a knowing in my heart, an internal click or an “aha”moment, that makes it my truth. Before, it may have been many people’s truth, but it wasn’t mine. Borrowing another’s truth isn’t very satisfying.

As such, my truth can (and has) changed over the years. Otherwise, I’ve limited capacity to create and grow. If you don’t remain humble, truth can’t find it’s way  up that ivory tower where you’re holing up. Arrogance makes good blinders.

I had a hard time when I sat down to write the About section for this site. Would saying I have no clue where I’m going hurt the business viability here? I mean, I have to consider this stuff. Good intention doesn’t pay rent. I could be perceived as awfully simple sitting next to someone claiming to have all the answers wrapped up in a neat little packages (and available right now for $49.95).

But really, it doesn’t matter. If I can’t do it in a way that’s real and valid and in keeping with my truth, it’s not worth pursing. I AM a Foool on a Fool’s Journey, and I know others are, too. Like all Fool’s Journeys, it’s intensely personal to me. But maybe us seekers can share little stops and pointers on this journey together. That’s what I’m looking for and what I want to give to you. Some seeker companionship.

What do you notice about your truth?

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  1. I’ve always believed that Truth (the capital T kind) is very personal to each soul on this planet. Like you, that’s what bugs me about religion. How many of the people who are in church (or temple, or mosque) are there because it’s all they’ve been allowed to experience, therefore it is the only thing they know?

    A lot. More than we can imagine.

    So for those who believe in the God the Catholic church provides, that is their Truth. Southern Baptists can say the same, as can Mormons and JWs and Muslims and any other faith system, for that matter.

    People like us…well. It’s just harder for those of us who don’t have a “name” for what we believe. It doesn’t make our faith more or less than their own, just harder to define. For that matter, those of us finding our way by what resonates in our hearts also hold different Truths as well.

    I believe that those who will be visiting you here, or come across you on this site, are looking for a Truth outside of what the religious world is willing to allow them.

    (OMG…look what happens when I get some time at home/dixiblog/domains/, with no one around to distract me! I can still write! LOL)

  2. I agree whole-heartedly with this, Dixie! I’ve always believed that everyone has their own Truth (although I also think there are people out there who haven’t found it yet or who are ignoring it for a myriad of reasons).

    For a very long time, I knew my Truth but kept it secret because it went against almost everyone in my circle. Then I realized I was clipping my own wings, and just let it go. I lost a lot of people in the process, including family members, but I’m so much happier and freer now. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    And it is an on-going process. It’s in constant development and evolution. Which, I think, is what makes Life so amazing!

    1. Regina – I can relate very much to the relationships that can be lost in the process. Made a similar decision as you, and would NOT go back for anything, despite the difficulties of doing so. It’s worth that much to live true.

      Thanks for your comment–and good luck following your Truth. ♥

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