December 28

Fluffy Bunny Psychicism (Right Does NOT = Light)


If psychic abilities come from God/the Universe/Source/Insert-Deity-of-Choice-Here, then it’s good and only good, right? If you play ugly, you’ll lose the gift?

A LOT of people feel that way.

I get the reasoning. The implied argument is that if someone CAN do this “psychic gig,” they must be good and upright and just. Gotta be from Spirit and Spirit is always loving, right?

That right there is how people get conned out of thousands of dollars, man! People also say that a beautiful voice is “a gift from God.” But we don’t automatically trust somebody because they can sing pretty, now do we?

Why do people assume all Spirits are of the light, kind and benevolent variety? And that we, in our uber-fairy-magical-rainbow-wonderous-energetic-specialness, can ONLY connect to love and light and goodness?

“Why, evil only exists to those who believe,” they’ll tell you–“and if you don’t believe, it cannot hurt you.”

To that, I respectfully say, “Bullshit.” That belief serves about as well on the astral plane as it does on the physical plane, man.


We readily accept the idea that there are all manners and varieties of PEOPLE on this planet, but not the same of Spirits. We attribute the idea of specialness to those who have “the gift,” sometimes forgetting that WE, too, have the same birthright to the psychic senses as anybody else. We are ALL psychic. Some of us are just better at it naturally–or often, just work harder at developing it–than others, no different from any other gifts humanity shares.

I DO believe if I were to misuse my abilities, I’d run the risk of losing the knack of tuning in the same way I do now. But that’s not because I think the only source of spiritual help is soft, baby-faced cherubs who bask in the light of my inherent goodwill. It’s because I am trying to DO something meaningful and hence, can attract a higher vibration of spiritual contact than, say, four drunks with an oijii board on Halloween.

If I went seriously south by my own choice, it’s my belief “the flow” as I can access it  currently would dry up in a New York minute. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t find any Spirits to help. Thing is, we attract what we ARE. If we’re con artists, we’ll attract spirit helpers that are con artists, too. If we’re liars, we’ll attract lying spirits. If we’re well-intentioned healers, we’ll attract spirits that are well-intentioned healers. I know what I want to be, and what I want to attract.

I’ve MET con artists who can do readings. Being a good reader doesn’t make someone a good person. Free will and all, y’know?

Don’t equate accuracy with goodness. Always, always, always listen for the ring of truth in your own heart. That ring of truth trumps any aura of righteousness anybody tosses around. NEVER give away your power. That’s the bottom line.

What do you think?

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  1. Psychic abilities – indeed all abilities – ARE gifts from the Universe with the aim, of course, to use them for the highest good of all, but the Universe is neutral and won’t snatch abilities away because you’ve been “bad” or “selfish”. I’ve met people in business who use their intuitive abilities for no other reason than to further themselves careerwise/financially. I don’t think that makes them bad people. It’s dangerous to put people on pedestals, especially people we don’t know well. It’s high time we realize that we are all equal. We are all psychic. Use your abilities to know who to stay away from and who to trust.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Trish. I don’t have problems with people using skills to advance their own interests either, just so long as it isn’t at the expense of others.

      Also very much agree with your point that we need to trust ourselves above and beyond anyone else…

  2. I claim “BULLSHIT!” on that too!
    As a matter of fact, I would suggest that “evil” probably coined this phrase:”if someone CAN do this “psychic gig,” they must be good and upright and just”
    Where the heck did that train of thought come from? Most of the people I encounter think any type of “woo-woo” practice is the work of evil rather than the work of good.
    I can only speak from personal experience in this regard (bad energies). I am pretty Neptooney which equates to a lot of naivete. I’ve experienced things that my little fairytale brain never imagined. So, it wasn’t the result of evil just exists if you believe in it.
    I think it’s dangerous to believe that. I’m not totally sure how to explain my beliefs around good and evil. I think a lot of it is human perception (how we size something up as good vs something bad) but I also believe that light couldn’t exist without dark and vice versa. I’ve just not decided if they are actually just two sides of the same whole rather than two separate things.
    But, I feel if you go around telling yourself that evil doesn’t exist then you are setting yourself up for it to target you. Evil is sneaky and smart. It’s not like it’s going to walk up to you and say, “Hey, I’m this horrible thing. Do my bidding.” No. It may come at you leading you to believe that you are doing something for the benefit of all. And, it can be a slow small infiltrating trickle of a thing. You know? That’s why it’s important to practice protection, set your intentions solidly as to who/what types of energy you want to work with.
    And, yes, trust yourself. That’s why we have intuition in the first place.
    Plus, realize that you may be gifted (like someone who was inclined to know how to naturally play the piano vs someone who has to take years of lessons to learn) but that being gifted simply might mean you have a head start in something (I think everyone has the same abilities). The real power is from the Source. You’ve been trusted with something and it is for a reason (most likely a chink in what/how you are to learn in this life) that requires responsibility. Be thankful for it and humbled by it but realize, you really didn’t do it.
    LOL. Ok. Stepping down from my soapbox now. It’s just that this “evil doesn’t exist” mentality being widespread scares me a little. Especially if it is among people who are working to strengthen their abilities.

    1. You and I can get matching soapboxes, Josi, I’m right there with you! And I’ve heard this line of thinking SO many times, it never ceases to make me cringe.

      Your comment made me think, maybe some of it is backlash from the doing this gig is evil line of thinking. The response is “No it’s not!” When the gig itself is neither good nor evil per se, but what you do with it can be one or the other or somewhere in between…food for thought!

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