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Zodiac Rulerships Quick Reference


Quick reference table for Zodiac signs, showing which house each Zodiac sign rules natural, and the signs planetary ruler. Ancient planetary rulership are noted below glyphs.

Zodiac SignNatural Ruler of HousePlanetary Ruler


1 – House of Self
Identity, presentation to the world, ego

2 – House of Value
Values, possessions, self-worth

3 – House of Communications
Communication, siblings, short trips

4 – House of home and Family
home and family, heritage, roots

Moon's Glyph

5 – House of Pleasure
Creativity, self-expression, children


6 – House of Health
Work and health, service, care-taking

Mercury's Glyph

7 – House of Partnerships
Relationships, partnerships, diplomacy

8 – House of Reincarnation
Death, rebirth, sex, taboos, other people’s money

Mars < 1930

9 – House of Philosophy
Higher learning, publishing, philosophy, travel, religion

10 – House of Social Status
Ambition, reputation, authority, government

11 – House of Friendships
Friends, groups, dreams and wishes

Saturn < 1781

12 – House of Self-Undoing
Hidden, secret, unconscious, mystic

Jupiter < 1846

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