December 27

The Devil is Not So Bad

Next to Death, the Devil is the probably the most feared card in the Tarot deck. Here are some quick tips on working with the Devil’s energy, using it’s astrological association, Capricorn, to suggest the best approach.

What do you think when you see the Devil in a reading?

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  1. It was FANTASTIC to hear you spend a lot of time talking about Saturn with this card, Dixie. I’ve switched the astro associations of The Devil and The World, assigning Saturn to The Devil and Capricorn to The World. (Here’s a link to my post on the topic, “Moon in Capricorn ~ You are NOT the Devil: Since I had my AHA moment with this, I haven’t looked back.


  2. I feel as if your video spoke directly to me. This card showed up not far from the Heirophant in my reading. I like the points you make towards the end. Especially when talking about issues of fear and avoidance. I’ve recently met a good group of people, and when I meet new people I often feel nervous and try too hard to fit in. :yes:

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