January 6

Mercury Rx, Jan 2016: “Adulting” for the Win


But it probably is from Mercury Rx. Really.

Mercury rx, officially in force now. It stations direct Jan. 25; that’s when the worst of the fallout will be over.

My computer shut off randomly this morning and I’ve started getting “the calls”–I won a cruise, and I need to update my free Google business listing. Because I get random calls having pretty much nothing to do with me every Mercury retrograde.

People wince when Mercury is retro, myself included. But I’ve found a number of activities to go very well during retrogrades. You have the standard advice, you can do anything that begins with “re” like revise, review, redo, etc. But that includes a lot.

Mercury Rx Activity Ideas

  • Editing! I edited my book under Mercury Rx and it went well.
  • Training. I am working my way through various training videos I’ve collected and put off today. Getting lots of stuff figured out. Oh, the notes I’m taking!
  • Finishing up. Tasks that have been on the to-do list forever are often amenable to completion during a retrograde period. It’s a great time to take care of what you’ve been putting off. I’m really appreciating how much I’m getting done just hopping in there and doing stuff.
  • Planning. Planning is different from doing. Planning is gathering facts, rethinking circumstances, outlining goals. Mercury totally approves of plan-making during a retrograde period. Currently, I’m really enjoying setting up an events calendar for major transits through the year. It’s a great way to feel like I’m on top of what’s going on, and helps me brush up on my astrology at the same time. And I’m having a whole bunch of fun in the process. Triple win!
  • Setting Priorities. What is priority setting if not “rethinking?” It’s January, folks. Great time to be thinking about what you want to do this year…
  • Budgeting. I know. Fun, right? But reviewing income vs. expenditures is a Mercury-retrograde-approved activity. You may want to wait until Mercury goes direct to implement some of your plans, depending. But if you’re brave, go ahead. Just double check  first.  (I also find Venus retrograde very powerful for reviewing finances. Mercury rx favors the planning and categorizing aspects, whereas Venus rx seemed to favor looking at how your financial distribution relates to your overall happiness.)
  • Clean and purge. I advise this a whole lot more than I actually do it, but think about what you’re actually doing during a clean and purge: reevaluating your possessions.

Most of this retro period, Mercury will be in Capricorn. So to stay in the flow, make sure your choices are RESPONSIBLE. Any planet visiting Capricorn is going to benefit from exercising follow through, hard work and “adulting” as they say. Do the right thing. Set appropriate boundaries. Finish business.

And yes, we have a New Moon in Capricorn coming up on the 9th. So heads up, this advice goes double.

You can check to see which house Mercury is traveling in your natal chart. While anything is game for the second look now, review and redo in the area of your life as determined by transiting Mercury’s house position (or the house of your natal Mercury) is likely to be especially effective.

He’s transiting my 6th house with natal Mercury in my second, so reviewing work-related tasks and finances is perfect for me this time around.

I was really happy with the start of this retrograde period. I was expecting a seriously wonky day with the various transits, but instead got a lot of good news and a whole lot of unfinished business got finished. I’m feeling like I’ve finally got a handle here and am not swimming upstream on this one.

It’s obviously a bit too early to call, but I’m optimistic. And I cannot remember the last time I used the word “optimistic” to describe a Mercury retrograde period. I’m usually a lot more cautious (and whiny).

So if the Queen of Virgo–that’s me!–can not only survive but thrive through a Mercury retrograde, so can you!

Do you have an Mercury Rx plans or projects?

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