November 12

Have you checked your chart, Sparky?


It’s such a simple thing. You’d think it would go without saying at this point for me, but it doesn’t.

If you’re feeling edgy, out-of-sorts, over-emotional, whatever…have you checked your chart? I mean, you could know the sky is…busy. But how is it hitting you personally?

I was complaining of being fussy. And Aliza (of MoonPluto Astrology) reminded me of how the sky could be impacting my mood.

Oh yeah. I should check my chart. Duh!

Why is it that it’s the last thing I think of?

If you don’t have astrology software, you can get free, personalized charts from Plus if you’re studying, nothing’s more powerful than comparing personal experiences to transits to see how it all fits together. I think adding astrological information to a personal journal would be an especially effective learning aid, allowing for later review when both perspective on the personal side and greater facility with the astrology side develops.

Seeing the astrological configurations at work doesn’t make the feelings go away, but it can be nice to see some larger patterns at work and have an idea how long those feelings are likely to persist.

Do you remember to check your chart?

p.s. It’s definitely itchy-scratchy out there! So sorry to all the people who are feeling it. Group hug! ♥

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