June 15

Everyday Tarot, 06/15/11: Finding Home Under the Eclipse


lovers-psychic-tarot-oracleA friend asked a really good question yesterday: “What’s home to you?”

She wasn’t talking city or town, brick and mortar. When do you, in your heart, feel “at home?”

As soon as I heard the question, I knew the answer. And it’s one I’ve been looking for.

Today’s Tarot forecast is “Harmony,” better known as “The Lovers” or “Children of the Voice Divine,” associated with Gemini. Like all the Tarot sixes, there is a cooperative component, and as you’d expect for a card associated with Gemini, one party mirrors and reflects the other.

It’s just the right card, for today’s Lunar Eclipse. This one is fired up in my chart and and I’ll tell you—I’ve been feeling the energy building for a while. Charged and large. It’s hitting my 4th house–home and family. Issues related have been swirling in my head for weeks now.

“What’s home?” has suddenly become a very relevant question. And I was shocked at the breathtaking simplicity of the answer:

home is where I’m loved. And family are the people who do the loving.

You’d think this would not be a revelation, but you have no idea how much I’ve struggled with  this! sheep-black7I’ve been dumped by loved ones, with a reverberating thud. And I can’t turn my feelings on and off like a spigot. So what then?

I could be angry, but I learned years ago that being angry is not my natural state and it’s miserable! It ate away at my soul and made me sick.

I could decide they’re right, and I’m broken, but you know, that feels pretty crappy, too. I get sick of apologizing for being a disappointment. I get tired of bearing the weight of choices outside my own. And to be frank, I don’t think I suck.

So, I look for options that felt better. Rise above, understand much as I can, and release what I can’t. That’s what I came up with. I want to view everyone and everything as generously as possible. Not because I’m such a freakin’ altruist —because it FEELS better to be loving. It’s a higher vibration.

But I never knew exactly how to reconcile the disparity between what I wanted to feel with what was reflected back. What’s the emotional etiquette once you’re persona non grata? I want to repectfully allow others their reality, but it’s raw being subjected to those who don’t respect you. How do you keep a sense of peace amidst that?

And now I know—it was right in front of me. I just don’t make myself at home in it. My family are the ones that welcome me as I am, without asking me to dress up in someone else’s reality. If I get uncomfortable, it’s time to head home.

Where is your home?

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  1. Dixie, it sounds like you really tapped into some hidden realities. Stuff that’s true for you, but I’m sure would ring true for many. Excellent article!

  2. I think some days the stork drops us down the wrong chimney and even though it is the wrong chimney we still landed on someone’s hearth in their home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html and they try to feed up and warm us with all that they have. Once we have a belly full of what they serve us we must remain hungry for more in order to continue to grow. To learn and search for and to grow into the love that will finally satisfy. That feeling of our one true home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html, not some one else’s. Now you got me mixing metaphor’s the stork dropped the ugly duckling down the wrong chimney. The ugly duck was an ugly duck, why because he really was a swan and once he figured it out and found his own he thrived.

    1. Haha! Mixed metaphors are fine with me. I’m queen of workin’ those metaphors overtime, man.

      You know, I wasn’t dropped down the wrong chimney, I don’t think. My home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html and family has changed through the years. It’s been a catalyst of growth for me, leaving behind what doesn’t fit anymore. And it is living my chart. The sticky spots are all there, it’s just my job to clean it up and see what I can make of this mess!

      1. Good you can come to my house, I have so many sticky notes all over the place I don’t know where to start. If I open the windows they get scattered all over the place like little ground tornado’s swirling around, around all over the place under the table and all the other dark deep places.

  3. Man, it’s mind boggling some people in your life treat you like this. Grrrrrrr. They’re truly missing out, what a loss for them. Truly.

    ::scratches head::

  4. If your family are those who love you, yours must consist of many you don’t even know who say thankyouthankyouthankyoudixie every day….

  5. “I could decide they’re right, and I’m broken, but you know, that feels pretty crappy, too. I get sick of apologizing for being a disappointment.”

    me too

    The first eclipse hit my 4th and this situation you described happened. I thought with this one it would be a bit different, 10th house. midheaven. I’m thinking work, right? Nah..lets take this public. As in those closest to not only have forgotten who you are at your core but lets have them tell you they are embarrassed of you. Ashamed. (I could really really go off right here, but I’m opting not to.)

    At any rate, the moon is in Cap right now which my 12th, normally I don’t feel a thing. But with neptune direct I’m getting a lot of emotional insight into my 12th house right now and the only thing that is soothing the pain is Pluto. Can you believe that? Pluto is sextiling my Neptune Moon and its saying there is a reason for this breakdown. You will disappear to everyone, yes even though they know better..everyone. But, you will appear to yourself. This will enable you to isolate from the collective. You even talk to yourself in forms of “we.” You can isolate each individual but you have never been able to isolate yourself and this will help. It will only hurt for a little while..just a little pinch.

    Without that little insight today I would be that shrinking girl or the one stuck under water inflating her ego so it would be seen. Can’t hear me when I’m talking..what if I YELL? What if I use sign language? But, I’m letting it slip away. Fly away Josi. I know who you are.

    1. “You will disappear to everyone, yes even though they know better.. everyone. But, you will appear to yourself.”

      I think this is the point, Josi. The mirror is broken, giving an inaccurate reflection. By turning away from it, you’re no longer influenced. It provides a freedom that can’t be bought any other way.

  6. Who knows, maybe this knowledge will keep me from doing something totally nuts just to be heard during my Neptune Square. You know, like the horror stories you usually hear of people doing something “completely out of character” Well, maybe it’s because during that time we get really sick and tired of people letting us know they have us all figured out and finally it’s the time we stop and take a look at ourselves and decide..you know what, I’m not living for the collective anymore.

    K, I’ve got venom to spare today and I really don’t want to spew it into the universe because I’m struggling so I’m shutting up there.

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