April 25

Eclispe: Thorny Rose Alert


Happy (?!) Eclipse!  I don’t know what to tell y’all about this thing that my astrologer friends haven’t said better and with far more authority. (Nadia and Aliza are a couple of the folks I read.)

What I can say is that it’s INTENSE out there–and spiky. I am feeling a definite wallop with this baby! And judging from the folks I talk to, it’s a widespread phenomena.

I was a little surprised today’s Everyday Tarot forecast was for a breather, time to grab a second wind. I write those sometimes quite a bit ahead and don’t usually check the dates against what’s going on in the sky. I hope that ends up being on target for y’all because I know there are plenty of people that could use it right about now.

I don’t like to kick up anxiety or give in to fear over astrology. That’s kind of the opposite of what I’m about, you know? The sky is the sky and we have no control over what energy is activated. All we can do is choose how we focus the energy we’ve got on tap. And powerful energy generally has powerful potential.

I will say these vibes seem incredibly potent. Like a high-power jet stream that’s been blocked up, in the process of blasting through the blockage. So be careful where you aim that thing. Don’t blast the blooms right off the rose bush, you know? But if you’re conscious of your aim, you may be able to power-wash some blockage out of your life.

Much love and good luck to y’all!

How are you all faring under this sky?

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  1. I’ve had aches and a headache for two days. Today I just feel wiped out. I’m hoping part of it was the wild weekend in the Dells for Maddie’s prom. Because I didn’t eat great while I was there, and this week has been hectic so I’m still not quite on track. Crazy days….

  2. It was funny, I think the actual eclipse day was easier for me than the ramping up part. Maybe than the ramping down part, too, I don’t know. That remains to be seen, I guess. Hang in there, folks!

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