November 22

Captain Virgo: Thanksgiving Edition


“I’m probably going to the store tomorrow,” I tell my husband. “I didn’t get around to it today.”

“Oh…well, I already had my speech planned.”

“Speech?” I have no idea what he’s talking about.

“Yeah. You know. It’s Thanksgiving. There are probably a lot of cops out. For a good reason! Lots of drunks out on the road.” This appears to be the Holiday addendum to his Dixie’s-getting-ready-to-leave-the-house spiel.

We started with the family motto: “No police involvement.” This is from a joke a friend made–that with teenagers, any day is a good day with no police involvement. I found it amusing, and starting telling our teenagers that as they left the house. House rule! No cops. It started to feel right to say it. Not that it portends poorly if it’s missed. But just if you remember, it feels right. Like an additional blessing, a protection. My double Virgo husband has extended this blessing to cover accidents, crazy people, tow trucks, emergency vehicles, and all manner of potential ills he comes up with on the spot to prohibit.

“You mean you planned it out? You plan things to worry about in advance?” I laughed, previously thinking all the speeches were extemporaneous. I should have known better. His mind never stops.

So, while I’m planning my shopping list, he’s planning the things to warn me about before I go shopping. And this, my friends, is life with a double Virgo. He keeps his bases covered, just in case. I’m thankful to have him in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving.  :plate:

You know any Very-Virgos?

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  1. I know of a few
    I’m thankful to have them in my life. I mean, who else is going to tell me that there are dangers out there? I wouldn’t see them myself (neptune conj MC). LOL..and yes, one in particular does plan things to worry about and if he doesn’t have something to worry about he gets worried about that.

    Happy Thanksgiving Dixie and crew

  2. Our saying is “remember we have no bail money”. It started when my very Capricorn hubby wrote directions for my mom and put this as a side note to reminder her to observe the speed limit in a town that was well known for being a speed trap.

    Wishing all here a very happy, safe & police involvement free Thanksgiving!

  3. You had me giggling with this one, Dixie.

    My Virgo husband will keep himself awake all night going over his list of things to worry about. He worries if there’s not enough to worry about. When we first met, way back during the Jarassic period, I wrote a little story about him called “The Worry Wort.” He didn’t think it was funny. I had no idea how appropriate that title would become.

    Happy Thanksgiving…and no police involvement!!

  4. My bro, the Virgo, teaches emergency preparedness. Even though my Dad was the doc, my bro always had bandaids and aspirin that wasn’t expired when we were growing up. Maybe because I have sun, moon, cap and something else in the 6th house, I have a huge appreciation for the Virgo thing. I LOVE it when other people are “on it” cause then I don’t have to feel quite so responsible for making sure nobody gets hurt, forgets something, etc.

    God bless those Virgos!

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