January 1

Weathering Raw Emotional Weather


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I noticed yesterday, and it’s spilling over in the comments here and there. It’s very RAW emotionally out there right now. I’m seeing people dealing with things like death, relationship blowups, illness, pets passing, and physical attacks, just to rattle off some examples. Most seem glad to bid 2012 farewell and it feels like a lot of uncertainty is consolidating around 2013.

When I’m dealing with raw emotions, I find it helpful to cut myself some slack. Wrangle extra downtime, get plenty of sleep, eat good food and be kind to myself and my body. I limit exposure to upsetting or demanding people and in general, treat myself as if I’m recovering from an  illness and require extra TLC to maintain my health.

I also don’t make any major decisions in the heat of the moment and stay very, very conscious and careful about what comes out of my mouth. Some things are impossible to take back.

One of the most powerful acts for me when I’m feeling hit hard, is doing a gratitude list. YES, I know this sounds insanely simplistic, but it really does raise your vibration and offers near-immediate relief. The trick is that you have to work on it long enough and get yourself out of the stingy mental place long enough to really FEEL the gratefulness, the appreciation for what is going right in your life. You can always find something that is. If you can generate positive emotions by focusing your attention very specifically on the good, it does help. It lifts you up and makes you stronger.

I don’t have any magic make-it-not-hard words for you here. I just wanted to acknowledge this, and point out it appears to be part of the overall energetic weather and not personal to the individual. I wanted to remind you to be kind to yourself and be kind to those you come in contact with. There is a lot of pain out there and we need as much kindness and love as we can to help heal it.

What helps you get past raw moments?

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  1. Not going through any raw moments at the moment, fortunately!
    But when I am, I like to use music to get through it. Either playing it myself or just listening to a recording. Although the first does help me to relax even more. Music has the ability to get those heavy emotions out of the way, especially when I would rather yell them to someone.

  2. I don’t have any magical not make it hurt words either. But, I can advise..don’t make it worse. And, I’ll echo the self-nurturing advice you’ve given.

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