July 30

The Value of a Self


On my radar I’ve noticed the question several times recently: how do you set your own value? What is your worth?

Are you only valuable when you sacrifice? If that’s your calculator, then you pretty much always must martyr self for the other. If that’s your measuring stick, then the old or sick or otherwise incapacitated become worthless. Do you think that’s true?

Is your personal value derived from whom and how you help? And if so…where do those people get THEIR value? Do they have to be more valuable than you intrinsically to justify your sacrifice?

Is it in what you create? Is it in who you love? Is it inside you, just because you have the spark of life within you?

I’m not saying there is one right or wrong answer. But think about it. If other humans have “worth” to you simply because they are human, then don’t you have to accord yourself the same worth? If your heart and soul reaches outward to ease suffering when you can because other people have worth–then don’t you, yourself, deserve the same from yourself?

Where does your sense of self-worth come from?

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On my Radar, Self-Esteem

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  1. My integrity. In others I value trust. Anyone else/strangers whoever I feel good around.

    I know some people value others by what they can do for them. I’d rather pay for services than keep up any falseness.

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