May 3

Mini-Meditation: Green Tree Path



Breathe….breathe. Deep breath in….and out. In…and out.

Envision yourself, sitting on a bench in a  park, looking down a beautiful line of trees. Inhaling the fresh air deep into your belly, and smelling the freshly cut grass. Exhaling slowly out, feeling the solid earth beneath your feet.

You feel the life forces of the trees  surrounding you…they are green and strong and vibrant. The birds’ songs are soulful, and you catch a glimpse of wildlife scurrying just out of the corner of your eye. The energy around you feels never-ending, reaching up, up, up into the sky, out in every direct like and endless sea.

Allow your own presence to expand, merging with that of the trees and wildlife. Let your energy become lighter and finer and wider, melding into the ocean of all energy everywhere until all is one.

All those worries, all the frustrations that mattered a minute ago now seem far away and unimportant. You know, deep down, everything is as it should be. Everything is right. Feel rays of light swim down into your body from the energy sea, down into your heart, filling you with love and wonder and peace.

When you’re almost ready to return, take in one last, deep breath of light and see it shining all around you in a bubble, protecting and calming you, as you go about your day. You can recharge your light any time you like, calling upon light from the sea of energy to brighten and lighten your path.

Do you have any favorite mini-meditations?

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  1. I think my comment got eaten too… But, just in case it’s my s u p e r s l o w connection, I’ll try her again…

    Dixie, I’m bookmarking this post for those times (read: every morning) that I need to get grounded and gain perspective. Thank you Dixie and your wonderful light! XO

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