October 20

If Your Third Chakra’s Clogged…


Let some sunshine in…

I love Sonia Choquette’s work. She’s very grounded, practical and calming. I understand her writing and get a lot out of it.

Funny thing…I put this book by her on my Amazon wishlist in 2005. I unexpectedly got it from one of my Tarot people last Christmas. Five years later! Can you imagine? I was floored, both with the surprise and to see the book; I’d totally forgotten about it and it was the last thing on the planet I expected to see when I opened my mailbox. How’s that for a ping?

She talks about power imbalances.

On the Sacral Chakra, from True Balance: A Commonsense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit:

“Sovereignty is the center of power and strength–yet paradoxically, when it is balanced, it endows one with serenity, gentleness, and patience. This is because it frees us of the fear of others, which causes us to be aggressive, defensive and harsh. A person who is truly sovereign is a peacemakers because he or she does not feel threatened by others. When we remain faithful to our priorities, we naturally become more appreciative and respectful of the needs and desires of others because we understand their importance to personal well-being. If we are accountable to ourselves, we will become accountable to others.” –Sonia Choquette

Of course, I love the book. It’s full of info on each of the chakras, how to tell when one is out of whack, and suggestions for re-whackifying. Simple, practical ideas for getting  energy in alignment.

My Gemini moon doesn’t want to read it through in one chunck, but is delighted to skip around to the part that’s interesting me at the time. Ha!

Extra Credit: I liked these suggestions for unclogging  power sinks in the article 5 Ways to Clear the Third Chakra.

Do you have any happy Sacral Chakra tips to share? :sun:

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  1. OK Dixie, I’m ordering this book TODAY! I recently started taking Bikram yoga or hot yoga & visited with the instructor after class & I told her I felt nauseous was when we did these few poses. She explained these specific poses are opening your Third Chakra, your Solar Plexus & if I have problems with control this would be when I’d feel it. I did keep myself from responding with “are you F***ing kidding me and I almost had to slap my husband to make him stop laughing!!!

    How does one purchase through Amazon that supports your site? I saw the icon so do I just click this?

    1. That’s a hysterical story, CancerMom. As usual, you have hysterical stories. :-))

      As far as Amazon, clicking any of the item links in the posts or using the Amazon ad on the sidebar to go shop will make your purchases count towards supporting the site.

      And thank you, everyone who does this. It doesn’t change the cost of the order, but a portion comes back here, and even small purchases help increase the percentage. I very much appreciate when folks take the trouble to do this.

  2. I met Sonia briefly when she speaking at a Borders near me years ago. She is so warm and friendly! (It turned out we had gone to the same college in Denver.)

    I got several copies of her books, The Psychic Pathway and Your Heart’s Desire, and gave them as gifts as well. She has a concise yet very insightful writing style… kind of like Dixie!!!

  3. This is who I’m talking about, I ordered several of her books…led me to “The Secret”…Dixie, Thanks for all you do…please don’t stop as we really need you…you are a sunny flower on a cloudy day

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