October 11

How do you love yourself?


Love starts at home.

Self-worth is not something you can get from other people.

Self-worth is a gift you give yourself–it sets the stage, the energetic tone, for how everyone else in your life treats you.

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Self-love protects you from ongoing toxic relationships. You have no need to wonder if you’ve somehow invited or deserve poor treatment.

You don’t need animosity, towards those who are unkind. Just detachment.

Detachment from negativity is easy if you don’t believe, deep down, negative assessments are correct.

But if the ugly rings true? It sticks.

Whatever resonates most strongly with our deepest held beliefs, we pay attention to and give it weight. We draw that energy like moths to flame, into our daily experience.

What do YOU pay attention to?

The people in our lives can feed us or bleed us. But we prime the pump by becoming willing receptacles of either experience, by way of our beliefs about ourselves.

Whatever you believe about yourself, you will find confirmation (and dismiss the incongruent). This is confirmation bias at it’s finest.

Don’t like the way people treat you?

Don’t bother trying to change them. It’s putting the heart of your happiness in the untrustworthy hands of another.

Instead, look to adjust what you believe about yourself. Once you change that, everything changes.

Have you found this to be true for you?

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