February 13

For the Heart Day VD Haters


Okay. So you hate Valentine’s Day. I get it. Maybe it reminds you of what you don’t have. It reminds you of what you want. And you know…it highlights the missing.

But you know what? That’s a good thing. That’s useful information.

That tug, that zap, that emotional twang that shows up is indication, something in your life is out of alignment.

It’s an oppotunity to get it in alignment.

No, you don’t control who shows up in your life and when. But you do control what your energy feels like…what it’s like to BE you.

Which, in turn, puts you in sync with other people who are at a similar place, energetically.

Happy, high energy people with lots of contentment and loving energy in their lives (expressed in a myriad of ways, not all of them necessitating a Victoria’s Secret credit line), these are the people who are attracted to others like them. And in the meantime, you are naturally going to lead a better life. When you keep your thoughts healthy, clear, when you take good care of your body, when you feed your mind a stream of uplifting and inspirational energy, it keeps you in good touch with your spirit. It makes you shine. Your light comes out and guess what: it attracts! That light not only attracts, but it attracts what’s at the same level as you. You get back exactly what you are putting out.

Don’t you see, it’s a win-win opportunity? People makes shifts. You make shifts. As your energy shifts, the people that come and go in your life with line up with where your energy is. It all syncs up.

You want more, better quality relationships in your life? Then develop a more engaging relationship with yourself.

By not being with the wrong person, you open the door for someone who is a good fit.

Every time you feel disjointedness  with something in your life, consider it gift. It’s a neon sign, lighting up what needs to be tweaked. It’s a big, red blinking arrow, saying, “Look here!”

On the other hand, if you just hate all the chocolate and sap factor, there ain’t much I can do.

You a VD hater?

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  1. 2/14 is two days before our 28th anniversary so it’s never been a important to us plus I don’t like the forced aspect of this day via marketing. What about the other 364?

    Our 17 yr old son is more concerned about his college acceptance right now. Pretty sure he’s kind of afraid of girls & I think still remembers the the sting from 10th grade. Today I made him a special breakfast, I cut hearts out of waffles & fried an egg inside one & sprinkled the rest with powered sugar. He acted like I do this everyday. I hugged him & said Happy Vday, he was rolling his eyes but I did get a good hug back & appropriate responses.

    My daughter HATES this day with a passion! Two years ago she took Vday cards to the gun range & obliterated them, displaced anger maybe. I will not make her waffles with hearts cut out, she might cut out mine if I do. I don’t like this day for her. I don’t like how she is about this day. I do undertstand though, to be a beautiful, educated, athletic & hilarious almost 24 yr old with no special person in your life has to be bothersome.

    What’s most bothersome is WHY and this makes me sad beyond belief. However, after reading your wise words I’m reminded she’s really not without someone, she just hasn’t fully met the most important person in the relationship- HERSELF! She’s avoided emotions for years. When we don’t allow ourselves to feel we don’t know how we feel about things. Trite but true. We chose what we think we want by watching reactions from others.

    The first reading you did for me you got a lighthouse to represent her. I thought it was odd because she’s scared to death of lighthouses. I don’t know when it started and no idea why. I’m wondering if it’s HER light she’s afraid of? If her light shines she’ll attract another & if she’s not comfortable with her vibrations she’s afraid of what she’ll attract.

    Marianne Williamson poem “Our Deepest Fear” jumps to mind, it’s our favorite. “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us….”.

    Thank you for this wise post today my pink haired friend. It’s not about lacking another, it’s about finding our highest self. Happy Valentines Day!! Love to you & yours

  2. Yes I do hate this day. For many reasons… some I don’t even understand. Even in kindergarten when they made us give everyone a valentine I hated it.

    Thank you, mom for the great response. Dixie this post is lovely I really like it. I’m not a good “share-er” like my mother is. Really I just let her do the talking as I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself, particularly when they are personal.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Dixie!!!!

    I’m in favor of love every day. We should be celebrating it everyday not just once a year.


  4. No strong feelings about VDay either way.

    “By not being with the wrong person, you open the door for someone who is a good fit.” — Just took care of that, a few days ago.

    Gonna continue doing what I can to get myself in an ever better position to “attract” an ever better prospect. Someday, if and when it’s meant to be, I will cross paths with an “energetically aligned” fellow journeyer…

  5. It’s only been in the pat few years, that I’ve realized how scared I was of pairing up with someone. With the right someone, I’m sure I would have had an easier time of it, but I’ve never met that person. I could relate to what Tracie wrote about her daughter in ways (her assumptions). I hid for years, and didn’t realize how much I wanted something, until I was getting back out into the world and someone “tripped my wire”, so to speak.

    I was relaxed yesterday – maybe because of the small amount of cold medicine I took the night before.

  6. Also: I know that nobody would want to tie themselves romantically, to a person who is always feeling ‘off’, crazy, depressed, etc – unless they’re taking advantage, or just unhealthy themselves – I’ve run away from someone who is depressive and tried to blame me for the break-up of his relationship (after he hit on me). He knows that he isn’t my type and wants different things, and it seems I’m always attracting what I don’t want. The good, healthy guys seem to like me well enough as friends, but I’m consistently between a rock and a hard place, and those fears – they just get worse as I get older. I remember I found this one board about love and relationships, three years ago, when I was 34, and it immediately brought my fears into focus. I’d just had my heart broken, and this was just before everything else started – like dominoes falling over, all over my life. I kept reading about how women over 35 aren’t wanted, so it fed my insecurities even more. I suddenly felt old and ugly., and it mostly stayed with me. I’ve been fighting that by looking at women who are older than I am, and just beautiful (in different ways), but it’s hard once insecurities have been deepened – and it cuts away at so much life. It takes so much energy away from better things.

  7. Mostly it bugs me only because it reinforces so many of the monogamous hereronormative stereotypes.

    I love big. Really really big! I’m supposed to take one day and put all my love into it and figure out how to split it between my loves?! Ridiculous.

    Also I think you fail relationships if you only do cool, romantic things on Hallmark massacre day.

    All that said? I’m sad this year. One of my loves is far away, the other is still in the hospital, and for all that he was a lying cheating asshole, my ex sure did pretend pretty romantic and I miss what he pretended to be.

    I’m going out for pizza with at least one friend (and maybe some of her other friends, too!) and next year will be better.

    1. Bal, I was just thinking about you, how long it’s been since I’ve seen you around and hoping you were doing well. Thanks for sharing that and checking in. ♥!!

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