November 27

Whoooo Whoooo – Owls!


Shawdowscapes High Priestess
Shawdowscapes High Priestess

One of my folks has been seeing an INSANE number of owls–some very in-your-face appearances, no less. Nothing subtle about it.

I sometimes have periods where I see certain animals repeatedly, or in a highly noticeable way. This is one way our “people” have of communicating with us, I believe. Butterflies, hummingbirds, squirrels and cats have all spoken to me at one time or another. (Go ahead and laugh. I’m too busy talking to my cats to notice, thank you very much.)

I personally associate owls with the High Priestess–keepers of hidden knowledge and deep insight. Wisdom, especially. When I play online Dungeons and Dragons with my husband, the wisdom spell makes an owl sound. Owls can see through the darkness, and turn their heads around. They’re often quiet, and high up. They observe from an advantageous perspective.

Wasn’t too long ago that my mom sent me this video of an Eagle Owl in slow motion. Noticeable since mom usually doesn’t send these kinds of things to me. It’s remarkable imagery!

Do you see owls? What do they mean to you?

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  1. WOW! What a cool video!! I LOVE owls – we have barred, Great Horned and screech owls around here. I love the little screech, and their soft whinnies.
    The big thing for me is…they SEE in the dark. I call on Owl medicine when I’m going into dark places in journeys. Big stuff, they are!
    Thanks for the great video, Dixie!

  2. I feel owls are a very powerful presence. They were in my life for a period of time. One even flew into the passenger side window of my car. I stopped to check on it. It was stunned enough that I thought it was dead. I actually got to touch it’s feathers before it came too..stumbled a bit and flew off. Amazing creatures. And yeah, butterflies follow me around. I feel ya there. I had a pretty meaningful encounter with a fawn over the summer as well as with mocking birds and hawks. it was interesting. Also, I frequently encounter turtles and preying mantis. LOL..I pay a lot of attention to these things..can ya tell?

  3. Josi, an owl did the same thing to me! It was dark and I heard this thump on the right side of my car so I backed up and on the side of the road was an owl. It was sitting upright just looking at me when I walked up to it. I covered it completely & brought it home/dixiblog/domains/ & sat it in a laundry basket w/ another on top to keep it enclosed, then after 5 minutes or so it started hopping around so I lifted the top & it took off – THANKFULLY!! I was very grateful it flew away but it still bothered me that for the 2nd time in 4 days an owl was flying at or into my car-YIKES!

    It was an Eastern Screech Owl & didn’t make one sound the whole time. My daughter thinks it was because the owl was in awe of me as I am probably the Screech Owl’s Queen – smart alec kids.

    I still don’t have a full handle on it’s message but it’s not so scary anymore. Thanks for posting this Dixie!

  4. WOW! How crazy is that? I don’t know about you but it was really neat to get to see one that close up (while it was stunned that is). I don’t know what kind the one that hit my car was but it was HUGE.
    You can be the Screech Owl Queen. I’m the Patron Saint of Wayward

  5. Dearest PSOWF, (which is prounced Piss-Off)

    I LOVE Fireflys – they’re so majical!! Even though we know it’s not really a fairy (or is it) it’s still a flying insect with a very majical gift.

    The owl was adorable at it looks RIGHT AT YOU, it’s a strange sight I must say but they are absolutely beautiful. I’m just glad it was ok, same with your owl. I do get lots of messages from the universe; birds & numbers mostly. LOTS of repeating numbers & right now I’m seeing 11 & 75 EVERYWHERE! I bought a book this weekend on Animal Sprits & it flipped it open, it was page 175 & it was about OWLS! I just looked up to the sky and said “REALLY!” and started reading.

    SOQ (Sock)

  6. The last time I heard one outside, was maybe five/six years ago. I’ve seen other large birds out there, though – they have a nest in a tree in our garden (very high up), and I’ve seen them slowly circling in the sky, and briefly landing in other trees.

    I have noticed more owls just around – in pictures, and as you’ve presented this one here. We visited an owl conservancy, before we left England, and met a little guy named Oliver. Before that, when we lived just down the road from Heathrow Airport, we found that the father of a friend, who lived across the road, worked with and rehabilitated exotic birds. He once brought a small owl to visit our class, but told us we were only allowed one stroke each, otherwise we could mess something up in the feathers (I think it was the natural oils).

  7. Funny I didn’t see this post until today, and it was a few nights ago that I had an owl encounter. Powerful is the word and energy I associate with such encounters. For me, they are rare and special and do seem to occur at intense and particularly “magical” moments and times. They serve as good reminders for me to tune in and pay attention to the non-ordinary-reality part of myself. I welcome their presence and visits.

  8. Yeah… and they only let you see them when they want to, it seems! They are so quiet when they fly, and blend into the tree trunks and all. Clever creatures!

  9. Love the video and think it’s very special that your mom sent it…makes me think she’s observing you on this site and realises some things about you she didn’t before…such that you are a fine person, your values are in the right place, you have your own spirituality and are living it despite what her religion taught/teaches and her own fears that you are an awesome woman possesing a wondrous soul and that spirit is in you in the finest sense…about time she realised it IMO…although she may not say it Dixie, her sending that to you is a peace and love offering of that I am certain…but don’t let her know you know it; she can’t handle the conflict between the religion and you…just know it’s there

  10. Oh, and I get dragonflies, hawks, felines, lizards/chameleons and frogs, and butterflies as my personal “heads-up”…and odd breezes as well.

  11. Really enjoyed your post, because I have notable encounters too with animals and insects.

    I was standing on my balcony and felt watched; there was an large owl sitting on a tree branch about 3 feet in front of me. Turned his around to look at me with those huge eyes. The message felt like, don’t be afraid to SEE.

    Recently, I was at a Thanksgiving Day Parade and a float went by featuring an Owl, Bald Eagle, and others. I just Saw those two. The Eagle was flapping his wings wanting to be free and had something red around his talons. Later, it looked like this same Eagle was soaring in the sky, as I could see red around the feet – perhaps trained to return? Then on the way back, a truck passed with 3 Eagle decals emblazoned on the side, and days later I passed by a street sign called Eagle Pass. Pretty cool!!

  12. I love woo-woo stuff like that! I use something Dixie mentioned once… something like… three times, pay attention. I don’t always know intellectually what to make of some things, but I sure DO pay attention.

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