August 29

Squirrel Put in a Good Word for Me



“Hey, Mister Squirrel. Make sure you let the Nature Spirits know, that I’ve been looking out for you and your friends, okay?” I asked politely.

I think it’s the least they could do, after they chewed through my hose snacking on the birds’ Sunflower seeds, and dug holes in some of my potted plans. The chow down daily on the fancy, fruit and nut bird seed, and never clean up after themselves. They kind of owe me, as they are not always polite guests! But I remain a good natured host.

Truth is, I have a soft spot for squirrels, even if they are occasionally obnoxious.

“And the fairies,” I added, on afterthought. I’ve heard, fairy-types can be cranky if you offend them. Don’t need any of that. Plus, I don’t know if they and the other Nature Spirits always get along. They may not be talking. Who knows? Maybe too many Divas or Diva-wannabes.

Well, he must have done what I asked. A couple days later, what did I find but a feather, inserted into a flower pot. The positioning struck me, like a little flag planted.


And firmly planted it was! You can see how far down in the dirt it was by by comparing the photos. The dirt wasn’t in the least bit squishy. But there it was, planted in the Cockscomb pot, big as day.

It isn’t a perfect feather, but who am I to criticize? It’s better than I could produce. I still like it.

Maybe they’ll help my plants bloom, or keep those pesky bees and wasps that have been hanging about from stinging me. Maybe they’ll send special bird visitors. Or maybe, they just won’t let the squirrels act up quite so much any more! Wouldn’t that be ironic? Ha!

Anybody else talk to squirrels?

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  1. Great story about the feather! It IS very interesting how it was placed in the soil like that,so much of the quill part in depth. =)

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