May 27

Cardinals: Yes, I see you!


Cardinal (575x426)So, I’m sitting out in the Sacred Garden, just soaking everything up. Listening to the trees, the leaves rustling in the wind. Do they have anything to say to me?

The birds have  been especially delightful since I’ve been putting out some birdseed magic for ’em, and my mind drifts, getting lost in nature’s whispers…

And then there are the Cardinals. I’ve have noticed so many cardinals lately. I mean, the odd Cardinal here or there doesn’t seem out of place, but I’ve never seen them like lately. And again, now. They watch me just as I watch them, eying me from a distance. Alone, quiet, just watching me.

Is that supposed to be a sign? What do Cardinals mean, anyway? I’m considering Googling it on my phone. But I don’t like to. It’s easier to do it inside, on the keyboard. Maybe I should just…

WHAP!! Jolted back into the now by the smacking noise directly in front of me,  accompanied by flapping wings.

Maybe four feet away, a very large, very ruby-red cardinal had hit and perched sideways on the fence. How did he keep from getting hurt, smacking into the fence?

He, whipped his head around, his huge, black eyes aimed directly and intense into mine. It was the same look a mother might give, had she caught you red-handed sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar before dinner.

Okay, okay! I see you, already!!

I acknowledged him. Just as suddenly and dramatically, he swooped down behind the fence amongst flapping wings and just…disappeared. There didn’t seem to be any place for him to fly off without me seeing him, yet he did.

Duly noted. Cardinals demand attention. If I’m going to be thick, they may get very loud!

So yeah. I looked up Cardinal symbolism.  Their name came from color matching the vestments worn by Roman Catholic Cardinals. Regal fellas! The brighter red ones are male, while the lighter colored, less distinctive birds are female.

As I’d expect with that deep red color, Cardinals are associated with energy and vitality. All that read makes me think Fire Element, so passion, creativity and energy would be part of the mix.

A few sources mentioned the Cardinal’s penchant for munching on decaying food and icky insects, which is a good reminder to pay attention to what one “eats,” either physically or energetically. Be kind to the body, be it the physical or the auric body, I guess.

20120526_170739 (423x575)Red is the color of life’s blood, love, and the heart. Follow your heart! Like Cardinal signs in astrology, Cardinals are known for taking charge and aggressively defend their territory. Cardinals initiate and set the tone. They are leaders. Be a leader.

Since Cardinal eggs hatch 12 days after they’re laid, they’re often said to reference cycles of 12 hours, days, months or whatever. Whatever it is, it’s coming. Maybe in a multiple of 12!

Still, I’m paying attention. I always try to pay attention. And a few days after? I spied this little cloth bag on the floor of my office, with what else? A bird appliqué.

I asked my husband about it, because I didn’t recognize the bag. It’s from a Christmas gift to him, a gift card from several years back.  But it had absolutely no business in the middle of the floor, other than to get my notice. I was amused.

Seems the birds are saying, “Hello!” Usually it’s just my cats or the squirrels that do that.

Do birds (or other animals) come to bring you messages?

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  1. Very cool, Dixie! I love Cardinals!
    Yes, I always get bird and animal messengers! Sometimes they show up very dramatically – like your Cardinal! But mostly, since I’m generally pretty aware of the creatures around me now, they usually just insinuate themselves quietly into my day. I notice them, say thank you, and then they wander off on their way. Message received.

    I was taught once by a Native American medicine woman to notice the first creature you see (or hear) at the very start of your day, and that’s your message for the day. Not only is it great fun, but I found that it helped me to become more in tune with the world around me, and to learn so much more about the animals & their messages for us.

    I think your birdseed heart has started some really awesome energies in motion!

    1. That is very cool, Regina, I like that. I think I may have to discount the cats, though, if I were to look for an animal message of the day. They are always the first creatures I see. Well, if I don’t count my husband as a creature.

  2. Yes! This has been happening steadily now for many months. I’ve checked the meanings for the birds I see all the time, and for me, it has more to do with the element of Air. Knowledge, higher knowledge, spirituality, expressing your true self etc.

      1. Yes, detachment too! Letting go is what I need now, or else I will be stuck, and I can’t be stuck if I mean to follow this path. Tarot confirms too, as I drew the Ace of Swords last week. I have been trying to include more Air into my life and take the Air approach. Thanks! :rose:

  3. Saturday I had energy work done & while chatting at the end of the session a cardinal flew outside & was looking in the window; it was such a bright red with the sun shining on it. I’ve been seeing this person for 10 years & I’ve never seen a cardinal before.

    I get lots of bird messages, owls pigeons & cardinals, but I don’t speak their language so sometimes it’s hard to find the message.

    Great Post! Glad the garden is peaceful

  4. And coffee time plus getting mail outside = 3 Cardinal sightings today. A couple were pretty in-my-face, and one was a lady Cardinal. Now I know how you all feel when you call me up and go, “So, what’s this all MEAN?” Hahaha!

  5. alright.
    First, there was the bluebird that was following me around earlier in the year. I think I finally figured that out. This was an Eastern Bluebird..not the common blue jays we have around here.

    But, in last few weeks, I’ve been stalked by a red bird. NOT a cardinal. We’ve got plenty of those and I know what they look like. This is a bright red bird smaller than a cardinal..not with the mohawk like a cardinal. I’ve searched google for them and the only thing I’m coming up with are birds that are indigenous to the western part of the country (tanager?). So..anyway, I’m going to stop reading here today because between the butterfly sightings and the red bird/cardinals it’s a bit too woo woo even for me. LOL

    I am going to look up the symbolism for just “red bird” tho. hmmm

      1. It always freaks me out when we ping on the same thing. I mean, if it’s just me then it’s just something personal. But, more than one person, it makes me feel like it’s something bigger. You know?

        LOL *sticks head in the sand* IDK if I’m really ready for that type of access, even though I asked for it.

        I looked for “red bird” symbolism and got a lot of phoenix results. Kinda points back to the butterflies with the whole transformation thing again.

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