August 4

Butterfly Signs: Figure it out.



I’m sitting outside visiting with my daughter. She points out the white butterfly.

“Yeah, I’ve been seeing a white butterfly every single time I come outside for a while now. If I’m outside five minutes, I see him.”

“Is it the same one?” she wants to know.

“Sometimes I see a few together, so I’m figuring not. Just every time I go outside, I see the same kind of tiny, white butterfly. So I kind of think of him as being the same one.”

“It’s a sign, Mom! It’s a sign! It’s a sign!” she chirps.

I’m amused without letting on–because there was a day she would have made fun of me for saying what she just said, even though she was maybe joking. Kind of, anyway. 60% joke, or maybe it’s 40% joke. 

“What do they mean?” she asks.

“I dunno.”

“What do you mean, you don’t know?!? Look that shit up in a dream dictionary! It’s a sign, you need to find out what it means.”

“Butterflies have lots of meanings. Usually related to transformation. But I don’t know about white. Someone did tell me, sometimes it’s someone who’s passed.”

“It’s a sign, figure it out.” She must get her bossiness from her father.

I’m still seeing them. And no, I haven’t figured out what he’s trying to tell me. But I don’t mind all all. I enjoy seeing him. A friendly sign, for sure!

Do you get signs?

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  1. I’m seeing them too. And, it’s like you say, if I’m outside longer than a few minutes one will swoop by. I see butterflies all the time but the consistency of the white one(s) showing up has caught my attention. It’s funny, because I’ve not tried to look it up–so, NOT like me. I just enjoy them seeking me out in a way. They are comforting.

  2. Yes, I do get signs, particularly if I pray for them. Mine are more obvious, though. They’re literally signs with actual messages. Like, for instance, a few months ago I was getting very despondent and wondering if I’d made the right choice. I got on the train and when I looked up I saw a flyer that read: “Don’t give up!” It was pasted on top of an ad with the words “See what unfolds” printed on it. I’m very thick, so I ask for blunt messages and the angels oblige. I take pictures of anything I get and keep it on my iPhone.

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