May 12

Black Cats and the Supernatural


Jewels the Tarot Kitty
Jewels the Tarot Kitty assists.

One of my Tarot people asked me about Black cats and talking to Spirit...seems she has a new friend. Ha! :cat:

I was investigating her question, and ran into this fascinating blog from a medium who talks about why some spirits like to hang around cats. Er, uh…I got sidetracked for a few hours over there, so you’ve been forewarned.

Animals’ physical senses have greater range, more frequencies to detect energy shifts, and their brains are not full of ego or denials! They live immersed in emotional response and instinct. That’s how a dog can judge character or a cat living in a nursing home can predict death. Hence, animals would seem perfect channels for spirit connection.

Black cats especially have long been associated with the supernatural. They were sometimes honored and sometimes feared (or killed),  but frequently judged as especially connected. In some cultures, black cats were considered reincarnations of children who’d passed. In other times and places, just having a black cat would have been enough to get a person executed for witchcraft.

Regardless of how it started (and truth is an option), such a long association may tend to build a type of affinity between black cats and spirit world, a predisposition energetically shaped via expectation and belief  spanning centuries.

And of course, black is associated with night, mystery, and the unknown. That’s where the human world and the spirit world meet, y’know. In ancient Celtic legend, cats were guardians to the Underworld or Otherworld.

Living very close to their hearts, animals are going to be tune. They are part of the ebbs and flows of the natural world, a world crackling with spiritual energy. As such, I think cats in general and black cats in particular would make excellent intermediates with spirit.

Cats companions of mine who’ve passed do come to visit me. I see them out of the corner of my eye, feel them walking on the bed to snuggle up sometimes at night, making their presence felt in various ways.  These visits are common enough I no longer question them.

I also consider my little black kitty, Jewels, to be my familiar. I don’t know if she’s been with me in other lives or not, but she obviously loves me and tries to look after me in this life. And as I’ve said before, she is unquestionably psychic. She’s laying behind,  on the back of the chair I’m sitting in, as I write this.

Do you believe black cats have a special connection to the spirit world?

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  1. I know that I miss mine, and I almost adopted two just after my birthday (a few weeks ago). I go into Petsmart every week or two, to get my “cat fix” and it hurts when I see those that resemble my deceased cats.

    Oddly, my B&W Teddy died a month before my grandmother, two years ago; last year, Minnie went missing and showed up right around the same time that my cousin died on the west coast. She then died almost two weeks later, on the same day as her sister, then we lost Elsie, and then our big black cat, Dennis. I miss them terribly.

  2. Thanks for this Dixie

    I'm off to explore the links This cat acts like it's known me forever and won't let anyone else get near it. It followed me home/dixiblog/domains/ from a walk one day and hasn't left since. Preceding this, at the last full moon in Libra, I saw my deceased cat, Annabelle, walking through our yard. I just made the connection the other day that this cats behavior is a lot like hers! She loved all over me but didn't want anybody else touching her. That was an intersting correlation when I finally made it.

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